The Effects of Alcohol on the Human Body and Mind, Compared to the Effects of Cannabis on the human body and mind

It does not take a high IQ or heightened intelligence to recognise the harmful effects of alcohol on the human body. Doctors in every hospital Australia wide will tell you about the shocking things they have to deal with as a result of alcohol abuse. There are two aspects of this situation: one is the shocking aggressive random attacks on complete strangers; the king hit, the glassings in pubs and the domestic violence mainly perpetrated on women. How much worse can it get when a stranger is king hit and dies either at the scene or has tubes dangling out of him for days with family standing by waiting and hoping, only to lose their son in the end? How terrible it must be for doctors and nurses to have to patch smashed up faces and bodies for no logical reason other than a drunken person did it either to themselves or to someone else. These are dangerous people and doctors will tell you that they hate this aspect of their job.

The second is the horrible slow deaths from such diseases as cirrhosis of the liver, perforated bowel, pancreatitis, cancer, Cushing’s syndrome, gout and delirium tremens. These diseases alone cost governments billions of dollars and all avoidable from abstinence of alcohol or alcohol abuse. There is also a third danger of the effect of alcohol on a human body that is not inebriated, and that is the safety of hospital staff and patients when drunken and abusive persons enter a hospital and behave aggressively or violently. Then there is the very ugly condition of a cauliflower nose and ears. On looking at anyone that has this condition, one knows that they are an alcoholic.

Now I need to point out that having such a disease as cirrhosis of the liver, perforated bowel and delirium tremens is not illegal. It is not illegal to waste government money in this way. It is not even illegal to brawl in the street as far as I can see, when so few people are ever arrested. This latest  Rush More program only arrested the very worst of culprits. And some are only put into a holding cell or sober up room. Is the behaviour so minor that it does not deserve more attention? Where are the holding cells for all those marijuana smokers? Marijuana smokers do not willingly make trouble.

Binge drinking: some people can drink a lot of alcohol and remain sane and cohesive, while others vomit, urinate and even defecate in public, losing all inhibitions and raping women, men, babies and even animals. It is a disgrace to society when governments cater to these hooligans by providing open urinals in the street. But I get it; we don’t want to see men urinating on footpaths to stink the street out the next day when the sun shines on it. Notice no such toilets are provided for women. Do governments always make the right choice when bringing in new laws? Well I can tell you what is the most ridiculous, insane, barbaric and offensive law that has ever been perpetrated in modern history and that is the banning of the use of cannabis, either for recreational use, contemplation or health purposes, as drinking the juice has healing properties. How dare anyone say that I cannot cure or attempt to cure myself with a healing herb that I grow in my garden. And the money governments spend on hunting, hounding, catching and arresting cannabis growers is astounding beyond reasonable belief. Below are  video links to educate those ignorant of its value.

Cannabis is NOT a drug. Cannabis is a plant, a herb and a gift to the planet for good. Cannabis is for happy people who like being happy all the time. Alcohol is for unhappy people who like being happy in short bursts; because no one is happy when they are drunk. Happy people don’t get drunk, ask any psychiatrist.

Cannabis is not addictive. A person is addictive with an addictive personality or character. Remember that you can be addicted to almost anything if you have that disorder; such as food, work, chocolate, coffee and even sex, but none of the above are outlawed.

The benefits of drinking cannabis juice are profound. It not only provides a cure for many diseases and conditions, but is without any dangerous side effects. It is a well-known fact that all medications have side effects, some are dangerous, even fatal and some are numerous, none are benign. Compare the two.

Let’s compare the two: alcohol drunk to affect the senses dulls, inhibits or shows no regard for danger or consequences. The person doesn’t care if they are offending someone, or if they are harming a stranger or damaging property or if they even harm themselves. What do you think of this type of behaviour? Please have an opinion.

Now let’s take the effect of cannabis on the human body and mind: for a start I can tell you from over 40 years of experience that the effect is the opposite of alcohol. Where a person is reckless on alcohol, a marijuana smoker is cautious. Where a person who is drunk is offensive and doesn’t care, a person who is stoned is very caring, considerate and astute. Where a drunk is noisy and rowdy, a stoner is quiet and laid back. A stoner never harms themselves or others, they are peaceful people, but this is seen as hippy culture and not to be tolerated. Why does the right wing, hawkish character always think peace loving doves are worthless human being and must be controlled or manipulated? We have our own minds, thank you. And we are more than justified to know that our way is the only way to success. But politicians, police and the judicial system are in the main hawks that are bellicose, bellicose towards anyone different from them. Well they are different from me, but I’m not bellicose towards them. I am ready to fight, but I won’t be killing anyone, nor locking any one up, no extracting money from anyone.  A peaceful person who needs to make their own decisions about their health, their spiritual wellbeing, is obliged to break the law.

Let me tell you something about hippy culture, though I am not a hippie myself, I see them everywhere I go. Let’s take a hippie festival for instance: they are usually alcohol and drug free. Alcohol is served at Woodford Folk Festival, but no one there drinks to excess. There are never any brawls and I have never seen police in attendance. Why, because Woodford Festival goers are responsible people who care about their environment and other people. Take an event like Big Day Out on the other hand and there are juvenile drunks everywhere. Take also soccer and football matches at stadiums, always a lot of drunken people; and at the races the same, drunken people vomiting on our TV screens. What a disgrace. And at these events where there are drunks, rubbish is left behind by the tonne. How many tonnes of rubbish are left behind on New Year’s Eve every year? There is always a police presence and always some arrests. Go to a hippie festival, no drunks, no one looks scary or dangerous and everyone is well behaved, enjoying themselves peacefully, looking after their environment and no rubbish is left behind. For extraordinary reasons beyond my comprehension, these people’s culture is deplored and vilified; they are persecuted beyond any reasonable stretch. Why? Well I would like you to tell me. Maybe it’s because very few hippies are gainfully employed. And why might this be? Maybe you have decided that they are all lazy bastards. But this may be very far from the truth. Some people do not fit in to what society has dictated is the ‘norm’. People to the Right of politics despise those to the Left. Hippies are to the left, they are the people who care about the environment. Those to the Right are often in power. They only care about money and progress, usually of the wrong kind. How many jobs are available to those who are peace loving, nurturing and responsible? I mean really, just about every job has its down side for an environmentalist. It’s only those who yearn after money and wealth who put up with or perpetuate that way of living. They are the ones who say, “fuck the environment, I need to make lots of money”. Jobs come first and the dollar rules. So hippies are poor and the Right are rich, but in my opinion the Right are usually wrong.

Smoking cannabis or marijuana as it is known when smoked, puts the person in a pleasant frame of mind and is not a danger to anyone, even to the smoker. Now I do not include hydro here. Hydro is another thing all together and I do not recommend it. I am referring to organically grown bush cannabis. I have smoked for over 40 years and I take exception to the fact that I can be dictated to as to what I can do in my own home or on my own property to my body when it is my experience and knowledge that I am doing no harm to anyone, to any one’s property or myself. I am in my 70’s and it is neither reasonable, nor logical for someone younger than me to tell me what I can do. A ridiculous law has been institutionalised by those who either have never smoked it at all, or if they have most probably did so in conjunction with alcohol. There is no need to mix marijuana with alcohol and it is not those peace loving people who usually do this. Every now and then you will hear on the news that a crime has been committed and the person was ‘on’ marijuana. The Main Stream Media love to get that in. But be sure that they were not ‘on’ marijuana alone. Either alcohol or other drugs would be involved and it is those other drugs or alcohol that would be the culprit. Stoners don’t go out raising hell, behaving like idiot hooligans.

I regard marijuana as a friend, as when I smoke I can see a different perspective. So that different perspective is like another person’s opinion or point of view. Two heads think better than one, if they are intelligent. I have never done anything bizarre when smoking and neither has anyone I have ever known and I have known many people who smoked marijuana in my life. It’s as if the government is saying “let’s outlaw good behaviour and promote bad and dangerous behaviour. Only arrest those who have gone too far endangering other human beings, or when one of their own is harmed, such as in the case of the police. And if you stumble upon any peaceful people, arrest them. Thank God we have this law that was made a few decades ago, that made marijuana illegal, use sniffer dogs if you have to. Do you see how bizarre it all is to someone who is thinking truthfully and logically? This is a very unreasonable law.

Cannabis is a herb and grows wild in many countries. In fact it grows outside the gates of the King’s Palace in Nepal. I have seen it. No one gives a hoot about it and it’s often fed to pigs and other domestic animals. Andrew Kavasilas, author of Medical Uses of Cannabis information for medical practitioners, says that past government policies on the use of cannabis are unfounded. Dependency does not present undue risk. Unlike alcohol one does not get more and more stoned the more you smoke, like you do with alcohol, you get more inebriated the more you drink. Andrew Kavasilas says in his Preface that until five years ago many published studies had not used any natural cannabis plant material in their studies. Politicians have used these results to make political points to uphold the law and to demonise those who smoke it. While politicians front up to parliament inebriated and get away with sniffing seats that offends the person who sat there, groping a woman’s breast from behind in the Senate whilst being televised is embarrassing. Dry humping another man’s leg is quite disgusting. Urinating into a customer’s shoe at a Japanese restaurant must top them all. Always deplorable behaviour when too much alcohol is consumed. They were all politicians doing that. You would expect they set an example. But many in our eyes are plain disgusting.

Drunken behaviour is on our news every day; but never stoned behaviour. There have been zero deaths caused from smoking or ingesting marijuana. The death toll from alcohol has not been recorded. Count car crashes, murders, accidents, people falling off roofs, balconies etc. and drownings. It would amount to millions over the years, but not a single death as a result of getting stoned. Yet this benign practice is outlawed. There is no valid reason.

There have been 540 alcohol related arrests this year, but not for drinking alcohol, for outrageous behaviour causing harm. Yet people are being arrested for blowing a reading for a joint they smoked a month ago. Bizarre. The person no doubt was at home quietly listening to music minding their own business, but that is seen as abhorrent behaviour. What is abhorrent is that this peaceful person can be persecuted for being peaceful and benign. Smoking marijuana merely makes one mellow, not boisterous and obnoxious.

I could write several million instances where alcohol did harm, but by now you have the picture, so there is no need for that inclusion.

I propose that the law be abolished that bans the use of cannabis and marijuana for any purpose and that if a crime or an offence is committed that it is the offence that is breaking the law, not the partaking of a harmless herb; just as it is with alcohol. Alcohol is the real villain, ask any doctor.

Here are some links for those who are ignorant to the benefits of cannabis use.

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74 problems and diseases listed  for alcohol abuse on:

Kim Jong-un ‘very drunk’ when ordering executions

No fatalities for cannabis use have been reported up to 2010 Wikipedia


No fatal overdoses associated with cannabis use have been reported as of 2010.[17] A review published in the British Journal of Psychiatry in February 2001 said that “no deaths directly due to acute cannabis use have ever been reported”.[18]

I want the people who read this, (whether they be politician, police or judicial system operator) to be open minded, think reasonably and logically and come to a decision that one is superior to the other. If it takes a ballot in Parliament, then it must not be secret. A secret ballot would encourage people to vote stupidly. Politicians look stupid enough as it is without having to put on the Dunces hat.

If you have been sent this report via Australia Post, you are part of the system that has discriminated against an otherwise law abiding society of free thinking citizens whose views and opinions differ from yours no doubt.

Does any government want half a million mellow cannabis smokers to descend of the lawns of Parliament House or Government House and light up their joints on mass? How would the existing system deal with half a million peaceful protesters? How?

As for cannabis damaging the brain? I’m 71 years old and I can memorise a whole deck of cards, all 52 in order. Can you?

If there is not an immediate response, not to me, but to changes in the law, I will be forced to challenge this stupid law in the High Court. It will be easy to get every person who enjoys marijuana for whatever purpose to donate $5 to that cause. Wouldn’t that quickly prove just how many Australians flaunt this ridiculous law.


P.S. If you are such a person who knows cannabis prohibition is a farce, please work out how you can do your bit to bring about legalization. Photo copy 9 copies and send to influential people and give to those whom you know want marijuana/cannabis legalised.


Open Complaint to ABC

I have been appalled over the past 3 years to see the ABC deteriorate to the point of exasperation. Emma Alberici is the only political journalist I trust and is basically fair. All the others and I include here Tony Jones, Leigh Sales, The Drum, Fran Kelly, Alison Carabine, Sarbra Lane and Marius Benson and others. The latter are all biased towards the LNP and Tony Abbott, it is sickening. I am wondering if anyone reads the Twitter trends, # or even @abc; because in my Twitter feed 80% of my feed is appalled by your shoddy reporting, misleading statements and the on and on leadership spill that has been going on now for 3 years. Give it a rest for God’s sake. Even the morons are sick of it. Boring, boring, boring. We all know what you are up to, decent people that is. The morons haven’t a clue. They suck up your vile rubbish, reporting constantly of insults directed towards the Prime Minister, harping on and on about them. Never addressing her with respect. Constantly interviewing LNP MP’s with regard the ALP issues. How ridiculous is that? Why would they know? You never interview an ALP MP about LNP issues. Why not? Your bias is beyond pathetic, as the Alternative to MSM is constantly pointing out. You should read our blogs some time.

We, the concerned citizens of Australia and decent people of this land will not stand for newspaper trash dictating to our country which government should be in power. DO YOU UNDERSTAND? We will not stand for an alien, Rupert Murdoch spinning lies, distorting truth and misinformation and then the ABC dutifully spreads it further. My God! What is this? Are you all mad at the ABC? Not Kerry O’Brien, he is a champion. Take a leaf out of his book. He is always fair. I may not always agree with him, but I have never heard him denigrate the PM, or be biased on any account. And now as of this morning you are backing up Fairfax, as you do, on that shameful, The Age article or editorial I should say. How dare they. YOU should be saying just that! “How dare they”, not reporting it as if it is the most logical thing to do. Good grief, have you all lost your marbles? Is this sort of thing coming from Newman and Scott? Is this their directive? Are you compelled by instruction or order to propagate the madness, to report and magnify the vilifications towards the PM and to perpetuate the leadership spill EVERY single day? It is not only boring as all hell, it is beyond stupid in the eyes of intelligent decent people. Do you know how absurd you all look? Leigh Sales is getting a very mean expression these days as she gloats on her achievements on making our beautiful Prime Minister squirm. How wrongly she is behaving lately. She used to be good, now she is a ‘has been’. She was good back when she won the Walkley Award, but now she is sinister, mean and conniving to garner an effect. She has lost the plot and has let the award go to her head, which has swollen to football field proportions. She comes across as unsmiling and “I’m going to ‘get’ you any way I can even if I have to talk over you, contradict you or shout at you”. Just like she did with Craig Emmerson on Thursday night. It was a disgrace and IF you had checked the Twitter feeds for #Lateline you would have seen the myriad of complaints and reprimands. Disgraceful and I hope management gave her a ticking off.

Things are going from bad to worse and if you are all not more careful from now on We The People of Australia may very well charge you with committing a crime against the government and Julia Gillard. I’d be very careful in the manner in which you report from now on. People want news, they do not want Rupert Murdoch, nor Gina Rinehart’s parrots at the ABC. Otherwise people are going to ask if Rupert Murdoch is doing something underhand at the ABC and that goes for Fairfax as well. It is a well known fact between intelligent, decent people that Rupert Murdoch considers Abbott as his puppet. He, (Abbott) can do his best work for Murdoch in the Lodge! Der, we all know it. The morons don’t of course. They believe you, but don’t you see the damage you are doing to Australia? Have you spent a second thinking about the consequence of an Abbott government? Why can’t you people at the ABC news broadcasting on political affairs see that not asking Abbott any hard question on HIS policies is downright deceitful. How BAD do you think you look in the eyes of decent people? Very, very bad. If you haven’t broken the law, then the law should be reformed. And as for Rupert Murdoch, he should be in jail. His business are scandalous, yet you let him be King Pin here in Australia, not even his country any more. He is in his dearly beloved US, Australia abandoned, yet you are all sucking up to him. WHY?

On our economy and voting in September

On our economy and voting in September:

There are a number of developed, commodity exporting countries with balance sheets in the black such as Sweden, Finland, Norway and Chile according to Alan Austin, freelance writer formally of ABC radio. Our place in the world is just behind these top 4 countries. So what does that say about Australia? Give me one logical reason why anyone would concentrate on where we were from the bottom up, placing us just ahead of Europe? I’m not getting into GDP ratios here, Alan Austin has covered that and many people can’t comprehend that sort of thing. Here is his link:

But here is a perfect example of the glass half full or half empty analogy. As far as the ALP are concerned the glass is always as full as it can be and sometimes it is half full. But for LNP MP’s the glass is either half empty or it is drained completely empty. Or if there is anything it is only dregs.

Anyone contemplating voting for Abbott at the next election, seriously, has not done their homework. Such persons are those that only listen to Main Stream Media. You are losers, I’m sorry to say. You are not in possession of the facts. MSM has screwed with your mind and you have been sucked in. If you listen to rubbish you will hear rubbish. Learn to recognise it as such. If you are an Andrew Bolt follower, immediately I know that you have no common sense. Andrew Bolt is not genuine and an intelligent person knows that. His rants are purely to inflame society. Those who keep up with truth if they even hear a snippet of this nonsense know that it is all said with an agenda in mind. Only the ignorant can’t see this or understand what is really going on.

I went out with my daughter and her friend yesterday and she was complaining about compulsory voting. She said that politics was too confusing for her and she had no idea who to vote for come September. Now this girl who is 30 years old is intelligent, but other things occupy her mind, she has young children. I let her talk before letting her hear my opinion. She said that she knew she shouldn’t vote for Abbott, as he will set the country backwards and she wants the NBN; but she said that she couldn’t bring herself to vote for Julia Gillard as she doesn’t like her and The Greens will never govern, so what’s the point in voting for them. This was my chance to jump in, so I asked her, “what is it about Julia Gillard that you don’t like?” She answered that she didn’t know, she just dislikes her. So I asked her, “if you were drowning and someone dived in to save you, but you didn’t like that person and didn’t have a valid reason, would you allow them to save you?” And she answered in the affirmative. So I continued with, “You don’t always need a reason to dislike someone you have met, as people can give off negative vibes, but you do need a valid reason to dislike a person that you have never met.” Then she said, “well I don’t like her voice.” So I went back to the drowning analogy and asked if it would matter what the person’s voice sounded like that was saving her life. She laughed embarrassedly and admitted that it wouldn’t matter in that case.

So you see it is all about personality, character, clothing, hair colour and style. Only about 15% of the population will vote for a Party based on policies; maybe 20% at the most. Green voters definitely vote Greens based on policies, but I’m just wondering now if the Green vote has dropped off since Bob Brown left politics. Personally, I like Christine Milne and I have voted for the Greens on and off. They don’t get my vote when there is a threat to my very existence. Tony Abbott is a threat to my existence. I am nearly 71, healthy at this point in time, but there may come a time when I may need some help. I am quite certain that I cannot rely on Tony Abbott for that. The ALP has already proved to me that they are willing to help those who are not in a position to help themselves. Last year we has 4 floods during January, February and March and a huge crater was gouged out in my driveway. I was stranded for over a month as there was no way off my property other than by walking. I live 6 kilometres from the school bus. I called the SES after the initial drama had ended with the floods and they put me in touch with the correct authority dealing with the matter. I wrote a letter stating my case and within a week I received a phone call. A very nice man came the following week by appointment and assessed the situation. I had a torn meniscus at the time and was on crutches. He told me to get 3 quotes for the job. One was for $1,700 and he lived a few kilometres away. The next was for $3,650 and he lived ¾ of an hour away and the third was for $10, 500 and he lived in town and an hour away. This man contacted all three and came to the conclusion that the $3,650 one was the best for the job and he was quite right. I have spent various amounts on my driveway over the 34 years I have lived here. In 2007, I spent $11,100 doing up my driveway and it was the worst of all the jobs I have ever had done. This year we had 6 floods and my driveway is still in excellent condition. Going back to this department now. I posted the bill the day Adrian finished the job and I called him 3 weeks later to see if he had been paid. He told me a cheque had arrived within the week. Now going back years ago when Howard was in government I had a problem with my creek. Huge boulders had blocked my passage and I was stranded. You had to go through DoCS back then. I wrote over a hundred letters. It took 6 months for anyone to come and assess the situation. I was told to get 3 quotes and the cheapest one was chosen. I got the job done and posted the bill that day. They had to wait months before being paid. I had to be on to them every week to make sure they got paid. How ridiculous having DoCs dealing with this type of thing.

I see Julia Gillard as an efficient, capable, strong, intelligent, long suffering, politically savvy doer. She does not waffle on about unimportant things. She has the amazing ability to get legislation passed through a hostile opposition. That is a miracle in itself. To not see these attributes about her is being blind to truth. To not vote for her because she has red hair, an odd voice or wears unflattering jackets is not only quite absurd, but downright unintelligent. I should add here that I have not agreed with everything the Government has decided on, but I have not agreed with anything the LNP has proposed.

Do not be scared of a deficit. It is not possible for countries to remain in surplus at all times. When there is a crisis on, such as the GFC, two things need to happen. The economy needs to be stimulated and stimulated judiciously, but also all waste needs to be cut out. So there need to be cut backs where nothing of importance is affected. If there is no surplus to work with, then debt is acceptable. Just as you may have a credit card which you know is under control. My personal credit card went up to nearly $4,000 a few years ago. I have a limit of $15,000. But I am now under $200, so my debt was always manageable. The Government debt at the present time is manageable. The P.I.G countries in Europe are not. Most of Europe is struggling because of bad management and corruption. But refugees have played a major part in their downfall.

One of my new Followers on Twitter I discovered today is:
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Now this is going to be interesting. I wonder how he will respond to my Tweets. I am certainly not left of far Left. That would be EXTREEMIST. So what is right of far Right? Is that EXTREEMIST too?