The Tallest Poppy in the Land has Fallen

Good people get crucified. I’m not a Christian, but isn’t that what they did to Jesus?

The Super Moon has been a very destructive force in my area. It caused King tides and parts of the Gold Coast shore line has been decimated. A friend/acquaintance threatened suicide and a strong woman with good polices was replaced by a weak and difficult man whose policies at this point are an unknown. I see things getting much worse. Very difficult to see anything to be optimistic in this situation and the near future.

Yesterday I went to Robina with my daughter. We hadn’t been there for about a year and we had such a great time. The end of financial year sales were on and my daughter and I never pay full price for anything. We can only afford to shop when sales are on and did we get some great bargains. The drive up taking 2 hours was filled with laughter, my daughter played music on her iPhone from time to time as my car radio decided not to work as of last week. Thank you universe for a broken radio, because if I had known what was happening I would have been tuned in at every possible minute.

When we arrived back to my shopping town and were both at the supermarket a complete stranger came up to us and asked us if we knew what was going on about the leadership spill. I started off by saying, “Oh but that goes on every day, it’s just media hype.” But she insisted it was on in all earnest. I hurried with my shopping, dropped my daughter home and drove as fast as I could to my house, ran to the radio and Wahid Ali was on. At that time there was no outcome and I felt assured that the ALP was not full of foolish people and that Julia Gillard would have the numbers as she had every other time.

My daughter is not the slightest bit interested in politics; she is 28 years old. She has even asked me not to talk to her about it at any great length, as the politicians I mention, she doesn’t know. However when the result was announced, the phone rang and my daughter said, “it’s true, Kevin F**king Rudd is now PM.” I immediately corrected her and said, “no he is not. He is only the leader of the ALP. He has not been sworn in by the Governor General.”

I was too angry to keep talking to my daughter and said good bye and continued to both listen to the radio and ABC TV. My thoughts at the time were that that Quentin Bryce could not swear in Kevin Rudd unless there was ‘no confidence’ in the leadership of the ALP. How could there be no confidence in someone who has been the best PM this country has ever had? Could the Governor General allow the PM to be overthrown by someone who was NOT as competent as Julia Gillard? I don’t think so. Could she swear in Kevin Rudd based on the Polls alone, which in my opinion are rigged to some extent? Could she terminate the PM’s position, based on Main Stream Media’s agenda of wanting Abbot as their puppet? Or doesn’t she know about this? What does the Governor General do all day on an ordinary day? Is she reading all the papers? Is she reading NewsLtd and Fairfax, namely The Age? What articles does she read? Who also informs her of what is going on and who are they and what information do the convey to her each and every day? If in fact it is every day, or just special occasions. Who or what is influencing the Governor General?

This is my view on the situation at hand. The Prime Minister Julia Gillard has conducted herself in a dignified and constitutionally correct manner in the position of PM. There are NO legitimate grounds to terminate the PM’s position. Therefore she must refuse to swear in Rudd based on no evidence of wrong doing or constitutional error. No grounds for termination.

Even though I have had the radio on almost all day, only now at 2:00 PM Thursday 27th June 2013 have I found out from my Guardian email subscription that Kevin Rudd has in fact been sworn in last night evidently after I went to bed exhausted.

I usually wake up at 6:30 AM and turn on the radio to RN with Fran Kelly and I don’t get up until 9:00 AM, unless I am going out early. This morning I stayed in bed for Life Matters which I have listened to since its inception. The first half covered the spill and I noticed that the presenter cut everyone off before they had finished speaking and everyone was sad and upset that Julia Gillard had gone. My guess is that if someone had been anti PM Gillard, they would have been able to finish. Just the impression I got.
ABC with Leigh Sales: If she worked for me I would have sacked her long ago, especially after her last interview with the PM. Last night she snickered at inappropriate places, expectant of 5 year olds. Suddenly she has a different tune she is singing. Almost coming to Julia Gillard’s defence. Once her bait noir, now she is asking the hard questions, but to a fellow journalist no less, (ash credibility) Annabelle Crabb, did you notice MSM lovers, she said that MSM has to get stories that lead and they HAVE to dramatize EVERYthing to get their work published or keep their jobs. That’s what we (the alternative media) have been saying all along. They have been very unfair to Julia Gillard and printed falsehoods for which the moron public sucked up. Gullible!
My last blog was titled: This is my Election Plan, this is now obsolete. I do NOT plan to do ANY of the things I was prepared to do. I will NOT vote for Kevin Rudd. I will NOT be voting ALP and I will NOT be voting for any other Party and that includes the Greens. What I WILL do is vote informal, taking with me a black thick texta and I will put Julia Gillard above the line with a square next to her name and will put a 1 in that square. I will go to the booth at opening time and I will stand in the room with my ballot paper showing it as a placard to every person entering and I will still be there at 6 PM. I will not let this go without my views being known to other voters. That is how I will do it. Now my 2 daughters will not vote ALP either and already 16 of my friends say they won’t vote for Rudd. So what he gains he may well lose, maybe more. This is the biggest mistake ever made in politics. IMHO. This is a dark day in Australian history and now just watch this country go downhill from this day on whoever wins the next election.

Now I put this out on Twitter last night and a few criticised me for it. They said that we must NOT let Abbott win, so we must still vote ALP. Well in my opinion there are two issues here. One, I will not reward a weak and disruptive man whom Caucus said they couldn’t and secondly there isn’t a great deal of difference between Kevin Rudd and Tony Abbott, both are staunch Catholics and I am concerned now about the Royal Commission into child abuse in the Catholic Church. Abbott may not last the distance anyway and even if Malcolm Turnbull replaced Abbott, he has no one of substance to work with. The shadow front bench is a pathetic bunch of morons with a shadow Treasurer who can’t do simple math and a vicious deputy with a mean streak. The others aren’t worth describing because they never say anything of substance.

I still feel that Kevin Rudd should have been allowed to complete his term as PM in the first place. He was an elected leader. First mistake. But doing the same thing as punishment to Julia Gillard doesn’t make things right. It’s ALL wrong. Disgusted.

Lastly, I will be writing to Julia Gillard to ask her to consider forming a new party The New Progressive Party, NPP or other name. She will have 6 good people with her and I’m sure those that switched their allegiance at the last moment would join, such as penny Wong. Then Rudd would have to form a Coalition with Julia’s party ha ha ha ha. That’s the only thing that has made me laugh today. But I mean it. This is the only logical solution. I think Julia Gillard would do very well and I would give her every bit of help that I could muster. Let Light prevail.


Open Complaint to ABC

I have been appalled over the past 3 years to see the ABC deteriorate to the point of exasperation. Emma Alberici is the only political journalist I trust and is basically fair. All the others and I include here Tony Jones, Leigh Sales, The Drum, Fran Kelly, Alison Carabine, Sarbra Lane and Marius Benson and others. The latter are all biased towards the LNP and Tony Abbott, it is sickening. I am wondering if anyone reads the Twitter trends, # or even @abc; because in my Twitter feed 80% of my feed is appalled by your shoddy reporting, misleading statements and the on and on leadership spill that has been going on now for 3 years. Give it a rest for God’s sake. Even the morons are sick of it. Boring, boring, boring. We all know what you are up to, decent people that is. The morons haven’t a clue. They suck up your vile rubbish, reporting constantly of insults directed towards the Prime Minister, harping on and on about them. Never addressing her with respect. Constantly interviewing LNP MP’s with regard the ALP issues. How ridiculous is that? Why would they know? You never interview an ALP MP about LNP issues. Why not? Your bias is beyond pathetic, as the Alternative to MSM is constantly pointing out. You should read our blogs some time.

We, the concerned citizens of Australia and decent people of this land will not stand for newspaper trash dictating to our country which government should be in power. DO YOU UNDERSTAND? We will not stand for an alien, Rupert Murdoch spinning lies, distorting truth and misinformation and then the ABC dutifully spreads it further. My God! What is this? Are you all mad at the ABC? Not Kerry O’Brien, he is a champion. Take a leaf out of his book. He is always fair. I may not always agree with him, but I have never heard him denigrate the PM, or be biased on any account. And now as of this morning you are backing up Fairfax, as you do, on that shameful, The Age article or editorial I should say. How dare they. YOU should be saying just that! “How dare they”, not reporting it as if it is the most logical thing to do. Good grief, have you all lost your marbles? Is this sort of thing coming from Newman and Scott? Is this their directive? Are you compelled by instruction or order to propagate the madness, to report and magnify the vilifications towards the PM and to perpetuate the leadership spill EVERY single day? It is not only boring as all hell, it is beyond stupid in the eyes of intelligent decent people. Do you know how absurd you all look? Leigh Sales is getting a very mean expression these days as she gloats on her achievements on making our beautiful Prime Minister squirm. How wrongly she is behaving lately. She used to be good, now she is a ‘has been’. She was good back when she won the Walkley Award, but now she is sinister, mean and conniving to garner an effect. She has lost the plot and has let the award go to her head, which has swollen to football field proportions. She comes across as unsmiling and “I’m going to ‘get’ you any way I can even if I have to talk over you, contradict you or shout at you”. Just like she did with Craig Emmerson on Thursday night. It was a disgrace and IF you had checked the Twitter feeds for #Lateline you would have seen the myriad of complaints and reprimands. Disgraceful and I hope management gave her a ticking off.

Things are going from bad to worse and if you are all not more careful from now on We The People of Australia may very well charge you with committing a crime against the government and Julia Gillard. I’d be very careful in the manner in which you report from now on. People want news, they do not want Rupert Murdoch, nor Gina Rinehart’s parrots at the ABC. Otherwise people are going to ask if Rupert Murdoch is doing something underhand at the ABC and that goes for Fairfax as well. It is a well known fact between intelligent, decent people that Rupert Murdoch considers Abbott as his puppet. He, (Abbott) can do his best work for Murdoch in the Lodge! Der, we all know it. The morons don’t of course. They believe you, but don’t you see the damage you are doing to Australia? Have you spent a second thinking about the consequence of an Abbott government? Why can’t you people at the ABC news broadcasting on political affairs see that not asking Abbott any hard question on HIS policies is downright deceitful. How BAD do you think you look in the eyes of decent people? Very, very bad. If you haven’t broken the law, then the law should be reformed. And as for Rupert Murdoch, he should be in jail. His business are scandalous, yet you let him be King Pin here in Australia, not even his country any more. He is in his dearly beloved US, Australia abandoned, yet you are all sucking up to him. WHY?

Open Letter to ABC’s Outsiders Jonathan Green and all other political reporters

JG = Jonathan Green E W-I = Eleana Winter-Irving 16 June 2013

JG: Blue ties, quail breasts and hairdressers: the Pandora’s box of political sexism has been opened again.

E W-I: Yes Jonathan it has, and as far as I am concerned you are contributing to it. Today’s episode of Outsiders was appalling on all accounts.
The fact that many men chose to wear a blue tie the next day, places them in the ‘I hate Julia Gillard because she is female and strong’. box. This meant that they can say this without actually speaking it. How clever. NOT!

JG: Can you imagine any radio host having that conversation with John Howard? Or, really, any Australian politician other than Julia Gillard? What has happened to the authority and dignity of the office?

E W-I: Nope, can’t imagine it. What has happened to the authority and dignity of the office? I will tell you. It is the blatant lies and misrepresentations made by the Main Stream Media constantly defiling the incumbent government and Julia Gillard. The obvious bias towards the LNP and Abbott is sickening. Why is MSM biased towards LNP and Abbott? I will tell you, it is because they want Abbott as their puppet, so that he will do their bidding when he becomes PM. They know full well Julia Gillard will not. That is why they hate her. One person eggs on the others to ever more daring and foolish acts and comments, as if it were a game. And have a look at the innuendo of this comment: What has happened to the authority and dignity of the office? Julia Gillard is always dignified, even when she trips over. It is the media that has usurped her of her authority.

JG: But how authentic is the PM’s feminism, who talks blue ties while endorsing David Feeney? Why is the PM’s misogyny pitch less effective now than it was in her famous speech?

E W-I: Who says this speech is less effective? You? Are you ‘it’? How dare you question how authentic the PM’s feminism is when you are a party to her demise! The blue ties speech is not connected to David Feeney. She obviously chose the best person for the job. Go on criticise her for THAT too.
Well I guess if you are a moron you won’t get it. This speech is no less effective than the last. This speech was predetermined and the misogyny speech was spur of the moment. That is all that separates them. You didn’t like this speech made to an ALP Women’s group for Labor Women because you are obviously leaning to the Right and the Right are anti-abortion and anti-women in power. You try to hide it at times, so that you won’t be accused of bias. But a reasonable person can smell it wafting through the radio. You can’t hide a vibration that you give off.

JG: How big a factor is the PM’s gender in this… or are other factors at work?

E W-I: The PM’s gender is a huge factor. The fact that she is strong, intelligent, tough, cool calm and collected, poised and unruffled, fair, compassionate, helps the poor and happy for the women of calibre to look after themselves. All are factors, but the other factor at work is MSM that which you are a part of Jonathan Green. As I have previously said she is no one’s puppet.

JG: Will Abbott suddenly restore gravity to the prime ministership? Or will it still be a shock jock free for all?

E W-I: This is how I answer this. How can a clever, manipulative, misogynous moron bring gravity to the Office of the Prime Minister? A man with one policy, besides undoing all the good Labor has done over the past 5 years. The shock jocks will never change. They will vilify, unfairly criticise and lie about almost anything, unless it is something that is close to their hearts. And even then they will lie to promote their cause. All Shock Jocks are morons and only morons listen to them.
Do not think for a second that it is not alright for me to call a moron a moron? Moron is a word that is in the dictionary and a word that is applied to a human being, which these morons unfortunately are. They may not have a low IQ, but they say very foolish things and believe they are getting away with it. Ha ha ha, but only in the eyes of other morons. I would love to say, “as if that matters.” However it is the sheer volume of morons living in Australia that worries me. Compulsory voting means that every moron gets to vote. All the sheeple who may not be morons, but easily led, they get to vote and hasn’t Rupert Murdoch done a number on THEM? Some uneducated people think that if they read it somewhere, that means it is truth. WRONG! WRONG! WRONG! Even if MSM are printing something truthful, they blow it out of all proportion and go on and on and on about it until every unsuspecting person has been thoroughly brainwashed by it. That is the MSM’s ploy. Brainwash the public into believing ABBOTT is the MAN to lead this country. ( yeah, down the drain).

I am not degrading a person by calling them a moron, as it is truthful, just pointing out how they are. Chaff bags, sexist menus, sexual orientation questions, and all the myriad of other dreadful things that have been said about our beautiful PM are degrading. You and the rest of MSM have not learned about shame. These are the times now which MSM have led us down this debauched and uncompassionate path, where one can do anything without shame, PROVIDING one is male, white and misogynist. If you are backed by power, or in the case of Rupert Murdoch are the power; you are ‘safe’. Safe from prosecution that is. Who can take on $14 b in the courts? If it’s not Rupert Murdoch, it’s Gina Rinehart. She also wants Abbott as her puppet. Of course, why wouldn’t she? Haven’t you noticed that Abbott mimics her views on poverty? He only wants to support women if they are women of calibre. You do not have to be intelligent to pass university exams, you only need to be clever and have a good memory. You don’t have to be a good person either.

Gina Rinehart hates the poor. She believes all poor people are either too stupid to get a job, OR they are too lazy. Now let’s analyse this for a minute. Suppose we have 5.5 % unemployment, is it realistic to think that everyone of those unemployed persons could be employed if they were not stupid or lazy? Have you never heard of someone losing their job because of closures and not being able to get another job? Have you never heard of university graduates not being able to get work, any work? Have you heard of ‘over qualified’? And what about injured people, they are soooo lazy my God! Get off your butt and work for God’s sake! Get OUT of that wheel chair and WORK! Gina forgets that she never had to look for work when she left school. She has never needed to go for a job interview. She forgets that she inherited billions from her father. And wasn’t she resentful when Rose Porteus got a small portion of her father’s estate. She forgets that the first billion she made was not enough money and she just had to make another and another, even to the point of depriving her own children. “I want it ALL for myself” syndrome. She forgets that she made her billions from dirt, dirty coal, something the Greens and Labor want to ease out. Get it now? You won’t if you are a moron sheeple with skewed views. No amount of logic or reason gets through to moron sheeple people’s brains/minds.

Now I took a few notes from the panel who disappointed me greatly. First on was Eva Cox: writer, feminist and sociologist and social commentator. MY God! Some feminist! She said that the PM’s Blue Tie speech was tacky. To say this about a woman in the highest office of the land is not feminism. She also criticised her misogyny speech. She criticised Julia Gillard’s endorsement of David Feeney for Batman without checking I bet the reason why. What if David Feeney was the best person for the job? What if there wasn’t a woman that was up to it available? Was this taken into consideration? Too hasty Eva, not a good look for a feminist. I think you should drop that handle.

Next was Grace Collier: Industrial Relations Consultant, declared that she is not on the Right side of politics about 3 times; the Lady doth protest too oft me thinks. You would never know from hearing what she had to say. She did not think the misogyny speech ‘cut through’. Whatever THAT means. She said that the PM is ‘almost’ an imposter. Huh? ALMOST? If you are a moron sheeple you will think this comment is fine. Well it isn’t. Dictionary: Imposter, a person who deceives others, esp. by assuming a false identity: charlatan. So has Grace covered herself by saying ‘almost’? Please note that Julia Gillard has NEVER broken a promise. Also please note that a promise can ONLY be broken if the word promise is used. It is bizarre to think that a person has broken a promise every time they have had to change course on account of changing circumstances. How often have you changed your mind, Anyone, Grace, Jonathan? Did you consider that every time YOU changed your mind or plans that you were breaking a promise? Of course not. See how unfair you are being when you call Julia Gillard a liar, or worse still J U L I A R. Every time you say this, it is you who are doing the lying. Get a grip on reality, logic and reason for goodness sakes. Not saying that anyone called Julia Gillard a liar here, only that MSM often does.
Next Grace said that the PM should not show any cleavage in Parliament. To which there was out cry from both Jonathan Green and Bernard Kean. In fact at this point there was chaos and I couldn’t exactly hear what was being said, as everyone was talking at once, but Jonathan and Bernard both disagreed, lol. I guess they both appreciate cleavage on anyone. That is fairly typical isn’t it? Personally, if the PM or any MP is well dressed, clean and suitably dressed, cleavage or not is acceptable. How many men have come and sat in parliament drunk? COUNT. How many women have done the same? NONE! Women behave with much more decorum than men do. What is cleavage anyway. Good grief! How petty!

Next was Bernard Kean: National Affairs editor for Crikey. He said that “it was a poor decision to run that speech” and also said that it was tacky. He said that she made a leap to abortion and that’s where the speech went horribly wrong. WOW! So little thought put into THAT remark. How was she supposed to get from one subject to another? Ease into it little by little and maybe hint at abortion and then mention it half an hour later? Well Bernard, you have never needed an abortion. I have had two. I want the right of every woman to choose for themselves and not my right to abortion to be governed by men. Women don’t poke their noses into the Prostrate Cancer debate, to operate or not to operate, unless they are qualified doctors and surgeons. Abbott’s views toward Women’s Rights is pathetic. Why any woman would want to vote for him, just shows how brainwashed they are. He then goes on to say that Julia Gillard is leading the party to defeat. Thanks for nothing Bernard, that’s so encouraging. NOT! UNTRUE!
My opinion is that Julia Gillard is the best PM this country has ever known. If all the morons and uneducated sheeple suddenly disappeared into the abyss, then Julia Gillard would romp in with a landslide. Please pass on to Fran Kelly whom I would call Centre Right, and EVERY day going on about leadership challenge. Also Alison Carabine whom I vehemently disagreed with this morning.
Here is a list of all Labor’s achievements over the past 5 years all with a HUNG PARLIAMENT! Now do the maths, good or no good? How does that stack up to LNP and Abbott? What fools you all look to the smart, educated, logical and reasonable Australians.

ALP achievements/bills since they came to office in 2007.
1. NBN (the real one) – total cost $37.4b (Government contribution: $30.4b)
2. BER 7,920 schools: 10,475 projects. (completed at less than 3% dissatisfaction rate)
3. Gonski – Education funding reform
4. NDIS/DisabilityCare
5. MRRT & aligned PRRT
6. Won seat at the UN
7. Signed Kyoto
8. Signatory to Bali Process & Regional Framework
9. Eradicated WorkChoices
10. Established Fair Work Australia
11. Established Carbon Pricing/ETS (7% reduction in emissions since July last year)
12. Established National Network of Reserves and Parks
13. Created world’s largest Marine Park Network
14. Introduced Reef Rescue Program
15. National Apology
16. Sorry to the Stolen Generation
17. Increased Superannuation from 9 to 12%
18. Changed 85 laws to remove discrimination against same sex couples
19. Introduced National Plan to reduce violence against women and children
20. Improvements to Sex Discrimination Act
21. Introduced Plain packaging of cigarettes
22. Legislated Equal pay (social & community workers up to 45% pay increases)
23. Legislated Australia’s first Paid Parental Leave scheme
24. Established $10b Renewable energy fund
25. Legislated Murray/Darling Basin plan (the first in a hundred years of trying.)
26. Increased Education funding by 50%
27. Established direct electoral enrolment
28. Created 190,000 more University places
29. Achieved 1:1 ratio, computers for year 9-12 students
30. Established My School
31. Established National Curriculum
32. Established NAPLAN
33. Increased Health funding by 50%
34. Legislated Aged care package
35. Legislated Mental health package
36. Legislated Dental Care package
37. Created 90 Headspace sites
38. Created Medicare Locals Program
39. Created Aussie Jobs package
40. Created Kick-Start Initiative (apprentices)
41. Funded New Car plan (industry support)
42. Created Infrastructure Australia
43. Established Nation Building Program (350 major projects)
44. Doubled Federal Roads budget ($36b) (7,000kms of roads)
45. Rebuilding 1/3 of interstate rail freight network
46. Committed more to urban passenger rail than any government since Federation
47. Developed National Ports Strategy
48. Developed National Land Freight Strategy
49. Created the nations first ever Aviation White Paper
50. Revitalized Australian Shipping
51. Reduced transport regulators from 23 to 3 (saving $30b over 20years)
52. Introduced NICS – infrastructure schedule
53. Australia has moved from 20th in 2007 to 2nd on OECD infrastructure ranking
54. Awarded International Infrastructure Minister of the Year (2012 Albanese)
55. Awarded International Treasurer of the Year (2011 Swan)
56. Introduced Anti-dumping and countervailing system reforms
57. Legislated Household Assistance Package
58. Introduced School Kids Bonus
59. Increased Childcare rebate (to 50%)
60. Allocated $6b to Social Housing (20,000 homes)
61. Provided $5b to Support for Homelessness
62. Established National Rental Affordability Scheme ($4.5b)
63. Introduced Closing the Gap
64. Supports Act of Recognition for constitutional change
65. Provided the highest pension increase in 100 years
66. Created 900,000 new jobs
67. Established National Jobs Board
68. Allocated $9b for skills and training over 5 years
69. Established Enterprise Connect (small business)
70. Appointed Australia’s first Small Business Commissioner
71. Introduced immediate write-off of assets costing less than $6,500 for Sm/Bus
72. Introduced $5,000 immediate write-off for Small Business vehicles over $6,500
73. Introduced Small business $1m loss carryback for tax rebate from previous year
74. Legislated Australian Consumer law
75. Introduced a national levy to assist Queensland with reconstruction
76. Standardized national definition of flood for Insurance purposes.
77. Created Tourism 2020
78. Completed Australia’s first feasibility study on high speed rail
79. Established ESCAS (traceability and accountability in live animal exports)
80. Established Royal Commission into Institutional Sexual Abuse
81. Established National Crime Prevention Fund
82. Lowered personal income taxes (Ave family now pays $3,500 less p.a. than 2007)
83. Raised the tax-free threshold from $6,000 to $18,200
84. Australia now the richest per capita nation on earth
85. First time ever Australia has three triple A credit ratings from all three credit agencies
86. Low inflation
87. Lowest interest rates in 60 years (Ave mortgagee paying $5,000 less p.a. than 2007)
88. Low unemployment
89. Lowest debt to GDP in OECD
90. Australian dollar is now fifth most traded in the world and IMF Reserve Currency
91. One of the world’s best performing economies during and since the GFC
93. Australia now highest ranked for low Sovereign Risk
94. Overseen the largest fiscal tightening in nations history (4.4%)
95. 21 years of continuous economic growth (trend running at around 3%pa)
96. 11 years of continuous wages growth exceeding CPI
97. Increasing Productivity
98. Increasing Consumer Confidence
99. Record foreign investment
100. Historic levels of Chinese/Australian bilateral relations

In addition:
• First female Prime Minister
• First female Governor General
• First female Attorney General

Now you list NLP achievements, lol. Paid Maternity leave to women of calibre. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

On our economy and voting in September

On our economy and voting in September:

There are a number of developed, commodity exporting countries with balance sheets in the black such as Sweden, Finland, Norway and Chile according to Alan Austin, freelance writer formally of ABC radio. Our place in the world is just behind these top 4 countries. So what does that say about Australia? Give me one logical reason why anyone would concentrate on where we were from the bottom up, placing us just ahead of Europe? I’m not getting into GDP ratios here, Alan Austin has covered that and many people can’t comprehend that sort of thing. Here is his link:

But here is a perfect example of the glass half full or half empty analogy. As far as the ALP are concerned the glass is always as full as it can be and sometimes it is half full. But for LNP MP’s the glass is either half empty or it is drained completely empty. Or if there is anything it is only dregs.

Anyone contemplating voting for Abbott at the next election, seriously, has not done their homework. Such persons are those that only listen to Main Stream Media. You are losers, I’m sorry to say. You are not in possession of the facts. MSM has screwed with your mind and you have been sucked in. If you listen to rubbish you will hear rubbish. Learn to recognise it as such. If you are an Andrew Bolt follower, immediately I know that you have no common sense. Andrew Bolt is not genuine and an intelligent person knows that. His rants are purely to inflame society. Those who keep up with truth if they even hear a snippet of this nonsense know that it is all said with an agenda in mind. Only the ignorant can’t see this or understand what is really going on.

I went out with my daughter and her friend yesterday and she was complaining about compulsory voting. She said that politics was too confusing for her and she had no idea who to vote for come September. Now this girl who is 30 years old is intelligent, but other things occupy her mind, she has young children. I let her talk before letting her hear my opinion. She said that she knew she shouldn’t vote for Abbott, as he will set the country backwards and she wants the NBN; but she said that she couldn’t bring herself to vote for Julia Gillard as she doesn’t like her and The Greens will never govern, so what’s the point in voting for them. This was my chance to jump in, so I asked her, “what is it about Julia Gillard that you don’t like?” She answered that she didn’t know, she just dislikes her. So I asked her, “if you were drowning and someone dived in to save you, but you didn’t like that person and didn’t have a valid reason, would you allow them to save you?” And she answered in the affirmative. So I continued with, “You don’t always need a reason to dislike someone you have met, as people can give off negative vibes, but you do need a valid reason to dislike a person that you have never met.” Then she said, “well I don’t like her voice.” So I went back to the drowning analogy and asked if it would matter what the person’s voice sounded like that was saving her life. She laughed embarrassedly and admitted that it wouldn’t matter in that case.

So you see it is all about personality, character, clothing, hair colour and style. Only about 15% of the population will vote for a Party based on policies; maybe 20% at the most. Green voters definitely vote Greens based on policies, but I’m just wondering now if the Green vote has dropped off since Bob Brown left politics. Personally, I like Christine Milne and I have voted for the Greens on and off. They don’t get my vote when there is a threat to my very existence. Tony Abbott is a threat to my existence. I am nearly 71, healthy at this point in time, but there may come a time when I may need some help. I am quite certain that I cannot rely on Tony Abbott for that. The ALP has already proved to me that they are willing to help those who are not in a position to help themselves. Last year we has 4 floods during January, February and March and a huge crater was gouged out in my driveway. I was stranded for over a month as there was no way off my property other than by walking. I live 6 kilometres from the school bus. I called the SES after the initial drama had ended with the floods and they put me in touch with the correct authority dealing with the matter. I wrote a letter stating my case and within a week I received a phone call. A very nice man came the following week by appointment and assessed the situation. I had a torn meniscus at the time and was on crutches. He told me to get 3 quotes for the job. One was for $1,700 and he lived a few kilometres away. The next was for $3,650 and he lived ¾ of an hour away and the third was for $10, 500 and he lived in town and an hour away. This man contacted all three and came to the conclusion that the $3,650 one was the best for the job and he was quite right. I have spent various amounts on my driveway over the 34 years I have lived here. In 2007, I spent $11,100 doing up my driveway and it was the worst of all the jobs I have ever had done. This year we had 6 floods and my driveway is still in excellent condition. Going back to this department now. I posted the bill the day Adrian finished the job and I called him 3 weeks later to see if he had been paid. He told me a cheque had arrived within the week. Now going back years ago when Howard was in government I had a problem with my creek. Huge boulders had blocked my passage and I was stranded. You had to go through DoCS back then. I wrote over a hundred letters. It took 6 months for anyone to come and assess the situation. I was told to get 3 quotes and the cheapest one was chosen. I got the job done and posted the bill that day. They had to wait months before being paid. I had to be on to them every week to make sure they got paid. How ridiculous having DoCs dealing with this type of thing.

I see Julia Gillard as an efficient, capable, strong, intelligent, long suffering, politically savvy doer. She does not waffle on about unimportant things. She has the amazing ability to get legislation passed through a hostile opposition. That is a miracle in itself. To not see these attributes about her is being blind to truth. To not vote for her because she has red hair, an odd voice or wears unflattering jackets is not only quite absurd, but downright unintelligent. I should add here that I have not agreed with everything the Government has decided on, but I have not agreed with anything the LNP has proposed.

Do not be scared of a deficit. It is not possible for countries to remain in surplus at all times. When there is a crisis on, such as the GFC, two things need to happen. The economy needs to be stimulated and stimulated judiciously, but also all waste needs to be cut out. So there need to be cut backs where nothing of importance is affected. If there is no surplus to work with, then debt is acceptable. Just as you may have a credit card which you know is under control. My personal credit card went up to nearly $4,000 a few years ago. I have a limit of $15,000. But I am now under $200, so my debt was always manageable. The Government debt at the present time is manageable. The P.I.G countries in Europe are not. Most of Europe is struggling because of bad management and corruption. But refugees have played a major part in their downfall.

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