FUCK vs fuck

Ok, as a Gnostic, people may expect that I never swear. Well I do and when I do, I do without any guilt. From a Gnostic’s point of view, there is no such thing as a bad word.


Words become bad by the way they are used and then it isn’t just one word that is bad, it’s the whole sentence.


So I might say, “Oh fuck! I’ve just been stung by a bull ant!” To bleep this word out on TV is plain stupid. Everyone knows the word. My daughters knew it the day they started at primary School. And if they don’t know the meaning, then what is the point of drawing attention to it? This is what I call small ‘f’ fuck. A word can never be bad in itself as it is just a combination of letters. It is no worse than flick, frock or suck. It all depends on what you do with the words that you choose and not the letters. If I write this word…isklttle, would this offend you? It shouldn’t as it has no specific meaning and neither has small f fuck. It can mean the same as shit another bleeped out word, yet faeces and excrement are not. When a person exclaims “Shit!” they are not thinking of excrement. They are exclaiming a certain anguish, pain, shock or even excitement in some cases. There is nothing bad behind the exclamation.

Everyone silently says the word fuck as the TV bleeps it out. Those that miraculously have never heard the word, Quakers maybe, then they only have to ask someone or go without knowing as usual. I’ve heard fuck heaps of times on daytime radio, always a small f though.


Now how do you think an upper case F Fuck would be represented? Everyone should be able to differentiate between the two.

Bogan talk some may call it. “Why don’t you just Fuck off you Fucking dick-head!” Perhaps it would be safer not to televise these sorts of people who talk in this abusive manner. Who wants to listen to that way of talking anyway? Anyone who does want to listen to it on TV or radio, most likely hear it in their own homes anyway. So they would hardly care if it’s bleeped.


Then there is the third meaning and guys, most wo-men dislike fuck being used instead of sex. Never tell a wo-men that you want to fuck her. No matter how gorgeous you think you are, very few wo-men want to be fucked. When a bogan says “get fucked!” They are insulting the person they are saying it to. So why would wo-men want to get fucked? Believe me they don’t, unless they have mental problems, or they are Bogans and that’s how they talk.


It is difficult to understand the implication behind the bleep or ***’s in this sentence: “You f***ing C**t! Shut your f***ing mouth or I’ll knock your f***ing head off and kick it down the f***ing street!” If this is read by a person who knows the word implied by f***ing, how is putting *** instead of the full word going to change the meaning of the sentence? The wording is aggressive and threatening. If the word Cunt is also **ed, then the entire meaning is missed if the person cannot guess the **ed word. It is debatable that it true meaning is even thought of by the speaker. It has become a swear word, similar to calling a man a dickhead. What is a dickhead? To me it signifies someone you don’t mind calling an idiot. He could have an above average sized penis, or more appropriately, very small. The reader has to know the nick name for penis is Dick. If you already know these things, what’s the problem with hearing or reading it?


It always amuses me that whenever you see a group of nude people on TV they blur out the bits, yet everyone in the actual vicinity got full view whether they liked it or not. They could always shut their eyes, I suppose.

Hands up those who wish to keep the bleeps and to always see the ***’s.



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This post has been reproduced with the kind permission of journalist and author, Robert Macklin from his article The case for keeping Julia.

It seems I’m the only columnist left in Australia who thinks Julia Gillard and her excellent government have a reasonable chance of winning the September 14 election.

Call me quixotic if you like, but I just can’t believe that my fellow Australians would toss out a government that has done us such sterling service for an opposition led by Tony Abbott who threatens to undo so much of what we’ve achieved these last five years; and who wants to set us on a path to “austerity” that has done such appalling damage in Europe and the US.

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