The World in Decline


I didn’t enjoy the 50’s at the time. I was a teenager and at school for most of it. But if I compare it to today, I know which I prefer.

I had a difficult time with my parents. I never did any dishonourable thing whilst living at home, but my mother always thought the worst of me which things were completely untrue. I was kicked out of home at 18 years of age when none of my friends had left home. But getting a job at short notice was not a problem. My mother gave me 50c and told me to go to Melbourne and not to come back without a job. I was scared, nervous and dismayed that my mother cared so little for me. Luckily I did come back with a job, just for the asking. The first place I approached made a position for me. A couple of months later I was told to leave home.

Life was simple back then, even though you could be sacked for no reason given, another job was just around the corner. I managed for years without a car and telephone. I was 23 years old before I got my first landline and signed my first lease. There were no House Inspections back then and I completely redecorated an entire 3 bedroom apartment with very limited permission.

I was pretty much oblivious to politics. As long as I was receiving a pay packet every week and I could pay my rent, I was doing ok. I never saw a homeless person or someone begging and I had no idea that there was such a thing as the Dole. I have always been pretty good with money and I budget well. Perhaps they should make me Treasurer ha ha ha.

Today is a different story. I am now on the Age Pension. I could have been a millionaire, but I chose to ignore opportunities if I didn’t deem them ethical or pleasant. At 26 I bought my first house without any help from the government. I renovated it all by myself, except for new floorboards throughout. I kept it for 13 months during which time it was rented out and I went back overseas.

After 13 months I sold it for 100% profit. I could have made 200% if I had gone to auction. I was made an offer after only one day on the market and I accepted it. My dream was to be sole proprietor of several shops; which is what I chose. I never went bankrupt and I never starved.

Living on the Pension is life on the edge: Especially with this LNP Government in Australia who only have respect for the rich and have an appalling lack of empathy for anyone who is not. They slap themselves on the back repeatedly trying to convince the intellectually ignorant that they are doing such a great job at cleaning up Labor’s mess. Labor never left a mess. How can they have left a mess if the Treasurer was awarded for the best performance in the Industrial world? But MSM never pick them up for it. I don’t know if it is because they are not quick enough to realise what was actually said. Or they choose to ignore it as they are secretly on their side. Whatever reason, we have entered the World of Post Truth Age. For Australia Tony Abbott started it off, got away with it and now it’s become the norm. I guess another Tony, Tony Blair started it off in the UK with his weapons of mass destruction lie. And now as of today, January 1st 2017 the US has Donald Trump.

If the media do not pull these liars up, call them out, who will? We can all scream on social media, but it makes little difference. Who was it who said that Twitter was mob mentality and not to take any notice? I despise being called part of a mob. I am a clear thinking individual who knows what is going on and does not like it.

Every direction I look there is trouble. I look to the south and ice caps are melting. The ocean is littered with rubbish, none of which was put there by me. I look to the north and I see trouble in Indonesia, The Philippines, Papua New Guinea, West Papua, Timor Leste. Bangladesh, Myanmar, Thailand, India, Sri Lanka, all of the Arab States. Most of Africa to the west, most of south America. The USA, once Trump throws his weight around. And then there is Europe. Everything is not fine there either. Democratic countries are leaning to the Right. Why? Because the Left leaning governments have been thwarted by Multi Nationals and Right leaning politicians in league with the multinationals. The democratic System is not conducive to wise thinking and wise governing of any country. I am appalled to watch Parliament devolve into a slanging match. The thing is, if one party does it and the other doesn’t as in Julia Gillard’s case, they are deemed weak at best and useless at worst. That’s why Julia Gillard gave her misogyny speech. It went a long way to telling Tony Abbott that his behaviour was no longer tolerated. I wish Julia Gillard would come back. Now that people have woken up that the party they elected is doing a rotten job and that she was really brilliant under very trying circumstances; they may well acknowledge and admire her style of leadership after this miserable lot we have to contend with now. Name me a country who thinks their country is doing brilliantly. If you say China and Russia, you would be wrong. Only the governing/ruling Party thinks that is so. Both countries are having problems. Both countries are ambitious and the rest of the world waits to see what will happen when Trump is President. I’m not expecting great things that will benefit me and my fellow Australians in any way. Let’s hope that I am completely wrong and world peace is knocking on our door.


The Tallest Poppy in the Land has Fallen

Good people get crucified. I’m not a Christian, but isn’t that what they did to Jesus?

The Super Moon has been a very destructive force in my area. It caused King tides and parts of the Gold Coast shore line has been decimated. A friend/acquaintance threatened suicide and a strong woman with good polices was replaced by a weak and difficult man whose policies at this point are an unknown. I see things getting much worse. Very difficult to see anything to be optimistic in this situation and the near future.

Yesterday I went to Robina with my daughter. We hadn’t been there for about a year and we had such a great time. The end of financial year sales were on and my daughter and I never pay full price for anything. We can only afford to shop when sales are on and did we get some great bargains. The drive up taking 2 hours was filled with laughter, my daughter played music on her iPhone from time to time as my car radio decided not to work as of last week. Thank you universe for a broken radio, because if I had known what was happening I would have been tuned in at every possible minute.

When we arrived back to my shopping town and were both at the supermarket a complete stranger came up to us and asked us if we knew what was going on about the leadership spill. I started off by saying, “Oh but that goes on every day, it’s just media hype.” But she insisted it was on in all earnest. I hurried with my shopping, dropped my daughter home and drove as fast as I could to my house, ran to the radio and Wahid Ali was on. At that time there was no outcome and I felt assured that the ALP was not full of foolish people and that Julia Gillard would have the numbers as she had every other time.

My daughter is not the slightest bit interested in politics; she is 28 years old. She has even asked me not to talk to her about it at any great length, as the politicians I mention, she doesn’t know. However when the result was announced, the phone rang and my daughter said, “it’s true, Kevin F**king Rudd is now PM.” I immediately corrected her and said, “no he is not. He is only the leader of the ALP. He has not been sworn in by the Governor General.”

I was too angry to keep talking to my daughter and said good bye and continued to both listen to the radio and ABC TV. My thoughts at the time were that that Quentin Bryce could not swear in Kevin Rudd unless there was ‘no confidence’ in the leadership of the ALP. How could there be no confidence in someone who has been the best PM this country has ever had? Could the Governor General allow the PM to be overthrown by someone who was NOT as competent as Julia Gillard? I don’t think so. Could she swear in Kevin Rudd based on the Polls alone, which in my opinion are rigged to some extent? Could she terminate the PM’s position, based on Main Stream Media’s agenda of wanting Abbot as their puppet? Or doesn’t she know about this? What does the Governor General do all day on an ordinary day? Is she reading all the papers? Is she reading NewsLtd and Fairfax, namely The Age? What articles does she read? Who also informs her of what is going on and who are they and what information do the convey to her each and every day? If in fact it is every day, or just special occasions. Who or what is influencing the Governor General?

This is my view on the situation at hand. The Prime Minister Julia Gillard has conducted herself in a dignified and constitutionally correct manner in the position of PM. There are NO legitimate grounds to terminate the PM’s position. Therefore she must refuse to swear in Rudd based on no evidence of wrong doing or constitutional error. No grounds for termination.

Even though I have had the radio on almost all day, only now at 2:00 PM Thursday 27th June 2013 have I found out from my Guardian email subscription that Kevin Rudd has in fact been sworn in last night evidently after I went to bed exhausted.

I usually wake up at 6:30 AM and turn on the radio to RN with Fran Kelly and I don’t get up until 9:00 AM, unless I am going out early. This morning I stayed in bed for Life Matters which I have listened to since its inception. The first half covered the spill and I noticed that the presenter cut everyone off before they had finished speaking and everyone was sad and upset that Julia Gillard had gone. My guess is that if someone had been anti PM Gillard, they would have been able to finish. Just the impression I got.
ABC with Leigh Sales: If she worked for me I would have sacked her long ago, especially after her last interview with the PM. Last night she snickered at inappropriate places, expectant of 5 year olds. Suddenly she has a different tune she is singing. Almost coming to Julia Gillard’s defence. Once her bait noir, now she is asking the hard questions, but to a fellow journalist no less, (ash credibility) Annabelle Crabb, did you notice MSM lovers, she said that MSM has to get stories that lead and they HAVE to dramatize EVERYthing to get their work published or keep their jobs. That’s what we (the alternative media) have been saying all along. They have been very unfair to Julia Gillard and printed falsehoods for which the moron public sucked up. Gullible!
My last blog was titled: This is my Election Plan, this is now obsolete. I do NOT plan to do ANY of the things I was prepared to do. I will NOT vote for Kevin Rudd. I will NOT be voting ALP and I will NOT be voting for any other Party and that includes the Greens. What I WILL do is vote informal, taking with me a black thick texta and I will put Julia Gillard above the line with a square next to her name and will put a 1 in that square. I will go to the booth at opening time and I will stand in the room with my ballot paper showing it as a placard to every person entering and I will still be there at 6 PM. I will not let this go without my views being known to other voters. That is how I will do it. Now my 2 daughters will not vote ALP either and already 16 of my friends say they won’t vote for Rudd. So what he gains he may well lose, maybe more. This is the biggest mistake ever made in politics. IMHO. This is a dark day in Australian history and now just watch this country go downhill from this day on whoever wins the next election.

Now I put this out on Twitter last night and a few criticised me for it. They said that we must NOT let Abbott win, so we must still vote ALP. Well in my opinion there are two issues here. One, I will not reward a weak and disruptive man whom Caucus said they couldn’t and secondly there isn’t a great deal of difference between Kevin Rudd and Tony Abbott, both are staunch Catholics and I am concerned now about the Royal Commission into child abuse in the Catholic Church. Abbott may not last the distance anyway and even if Malcolm Turnbull replaced Abbott, he has no one of substance to work with. The shadow front bench is a pathetic bunch of morons with a shadow Treasurer who can’t do simple math and a vicious deputy with a mean streak. The others aren’t worth describing because they never say anything of substance.

I still feel that Kevin Rudd should have been allowed to complete his term as PM in the first place. He was an elected leader. First mistake. But doing the same thing as punishment to Julia Gillard doesn’t make things right. It’s ALL wrong. Disgusted.

Lastly, I will be writing to Julia Gillard to ask her to consider forming a new party The New Progressive Party, NPP or other name. She will have 6 good people with her and I’m sure those that switched their allegiance at the last moment would join, such as penny Wong. Then Rudd would have to form a Coalition with Julia’s party ha ha ha ha. That’s the only thing that has made me laugh today. But I mean it. This is the only logical solution. I think Julia Gillard would do very well and I would give her every bit of help that I could muster. Let Light prevail.

It’s Like Talking to a Drunk

Have you ever talked to a drunk, someone who is very drunk, when you yourself are stone cold sober? That is what it is like talking to an LNP supporter, or an LNP MP for that matter. No matter how many facts you present, they counter with absolute nonsense. They spout forth untruths, downright lies and rubbish as if it were a dictum. Then they have the nerve to tell you that what you have said is all lies. The nerve of them! You can talk logic until you end up going nuts with frustration, but the other will not budge an inch.

They are so rooted in their beliefs that they cannot see reason or logic. Guess what this means? They have been brainwashed by MSM et al. Rupert Murdick has every reason to do everything in his power to get Tony Abbott elected, as Abbott would find it an honour to be backed by Rupert Dickhead, Oooops did I just write that? There are some very clever dicks. Abbott is clever. I’ll give him that, but it is not an attribute to be admired. If Tony Abbott gets elected, he must prepare himself for a backlash and possible violation of Australian standards. Of course Rupert Murdick wants to be able to control the PM, which he hasn’t a hope in hell with Julia Gillard. Julia Gillard is strong and tough. Abbutt is weak and pathetic. ONLY a brainwashed populous would find this man equitable and represent the good of the country. This man if he wins the next election will be an imposter. Now is it possible that people in high places may be brainwashed also? Could judges be brainwashed for instance? There are paedophile judges living in this country of Australia, according to an escort agency. They come to a dominatrix to be whipped. Now why would this be? Are they feeling so guilty they are compelled to seek punitive action for their sins of their own volition? And what sins might they be? Paedophilia? Child sex abuse? Physical abuse of a child? Rape? We don’t tend to think of judges in these terms. If I was writing this in any number of countries, I would be arrested. So may as well while I can. Abbott cannot be trusted on privacy laws or security on ANY level. If he wins with a landslide, he then has a mandate to do whatever he likes. We will then have George W Abbott the Idiot. I know I can write this about him, he said on TV that people have to take insults on the chin.

George W Abbott will change the very nature of this country. By that I mean Australia will change on these levels. 1. Financial and economic. 2. Farming practices will radically change. Small farms will be bought out by huge conglomerations, much of which will be owed by China. He will not have any Mandarin speaking MP’s to advise him, and he will constantly have foot in mouth disease. CSG mining will go ahead and the artesian water will become polluted. I have it on good authority that underground water supplies are already beyond repair now as I write due to LNP State government approvals of CSG mining not only where it shouldn’t go, but before a proper environmental impact studies has been made. There is still hope for some areas and Tony Bourke has made it harder for mining companies to get licences.

When everything goes pear-shaped, the mass cry will be “it’s all Labor’s fault. It’s all their lies that got us into trouble. W#e told you they lied.” It will be a mass cry from MSM also, especially from Rupert Murdick. And isn’t this great news to sell his flagging news print? 3. We will become a 3rd World country, as poverty levels will rival per capita that of Nepal or Bhutan. There will be beggars in the streets and homeless in all sections of every town. There will be NO growth what so ever and you know what that means. 0 growth is stagnation. – 0.02% = recession and – 3% = depression. Then he will go against all economists’ advice and will print money like never before. Just you wait and see. 4. Hospitals will close, just as long as he is healthy, bugger anyone else. 5. Aged care will be a disaster. 6. Climate change will be a dirty word for which if you utter there may be a consequence. His promise to plant trees to counter-act climate change, (which secretly he still thinks is bunkum) will not eventuate. He will deem it too costly to implement.

The State governments will all get less, while 7. GST is sure to go up by 50%. Be prepared. Expect this and if it doesn’t happen you can thank your lucky stars, as that’s all you will have going for you. Inflation will escalate and go out of control. At this point I would expect Julia Gillard to go to the Governor General and apply to have Abbott removed as PM and to have herself re-instated to her rightful position. Every LNP who had lied, misrepresented the truth, distorted or exaggerated would be removed from their position in Parliament. They should NOT be allowed to remain on the back bench. They are useless human beings and a waste of space as it is, let alone degrading Parliament the way they do. These lying LNP MP’s have degraded Parliament to rock bottom. Never in history has Parliament degenerated into such a pit of vipers ready to poison and strike at any opportunity unprovoked. I partially blame the Speaker, all of them, for letting this behaviour escalate to criminal proportions. Just as the Pope allowed cover-ups in the Catholic Church, which should be deemed criminal, so should what the Speaker allowed many times in Parliament be deemed unlawful. An MP cannot lie in Parliament, just as you cannot get away with lying in court. That is perverting the course of Justice. So a lie in Parliament should be perverting the course of Parliament. JAIL!

Julia Gillard as reinstalled PM should introduce new laws prohibiting lies to be reported as truth and severe punitive action would result. There should be extreme deprivation of liberty at least. For they have taken an extreme liberty in their actions so far and should be an offense for which they could be sued. Yes I sound gloomy and I’m really a happy person, but it is the reality of the above that has done it to me. There is NO hope for the future with Abbott at the helm. He will be like a ship’s captain trying to steer his ship without a rudder. A huge problem that the next PM has to tackle without funds to do so, is the debriefing of all the brainwashed souls MSM mesmerised. How do we know that subliminal messages are not being injected into news items? We don’t and I wouldn’t put it past them, if they thought they could get away with it. Someone should opt to dissect some news tapes to check anywhere where it is suspect.

If you do not share my views and you are illogical and unreasonable it is a waste of time commenting, as I won’t approve your comment, unless it has some merit. I may use it as an example for instance of ignorance and lack of logic.

On our economy and voting in September

On our economy and voting in September:

There are a number of developed, commodity exporting countries with balance sheets in the black such as Sweden, Finland, Norway and Chile according to Alan Austin, freelance writer formally of ABC radio. Our place in the world is just behind these top 4 countries. So what does that say about Australia? Give me one logical reason why anyone would concentrate on where we were from the bottom up, placing us just ahead of Europe? I’m not getting into GDP ratios here, Alan Austin has covered that and many people can’t comprehend that sort of thing. Here is his link:

But here is a perfect example of the glass half full or half empty analogy. As far as the ALP are concerned the glass is always as full as it can be and sometimes it is half full. But for LNP MP’s the glass is either half empty or it is drained completely empty. Or if there is anything it is only dregs.

Anyone contemplating voting for Abbott at the next election, seriously, has not done their homework. Such persons are those that only listen to Main Stream Media. You are losers, I’m sorry to say. You are not in possession of the facts. MSM has screwed with your mind and you have been sucked in. If you listen to rubbish you will hear rubbish. Learn to recognise it as such. If you are an Andrew Bolt follower, immediately I know that you have no common sense. Andrew Bolt is not genuine and an intelligent person knows that. His rants are purely to inflame society. Those who keep up with truth if they even hear a snippet of this nonsense know that it is all said with an agenda in mind. Only the ignorant can’t see this or understand what is really going on.

I went out with my daughter and her friend yesterday and she was complaining about compulsory voting. She said that politics was too confusing for her and she had no idea who to vote for come September. Now this girl who is 30 years old is intelligent, but other things occupy her mind, she has young children. I let her talk before letting her hear my opinion. She said that she knew she shouldn’t vote for Abbott, as he will set the country backwards and she wants the NBN; but she said that she couldn’t bring herself to vote for Julia Gillard as she doesn’t like her and The Greens will never govern, so what’s the point in voting for them. This was my chance to jump in, so I asked her, “what is it about Julia Gillard that you don’t like?” She answered that she didn’t know, she just dislikes her. So I asked her, “if you were drowning and someone dived in to save you, but you didn’t like that person and didn’t have a valid reason, would you allow them to save you?” And she answered in the affirmative. So I continued with, “You don’t always need a reason to dislike someone you have met, as people can give off negative vibes, but you do need a valid reason to dislike a person that you have never met.” Then she said, “well I don’t like her voice.” So I went back to the drowning analogy and asked if it would matter what the person’s voice sounded like that was saving her life. She laughed embarrassedly and admitted that it wouldn’t matter in that case.

So you see it is all about personality, character, clothing, hair colour and style. Only about 15% of the population will vote for a Party based on policies; maybe 20% at the most. Green voters definitely vote Greens based on policies, but I’m just wondering now if the Green vote has dropped off since Bob Brown left politics. Personally, I like Christine Milne and I have voted for the Greens on and off. They don’t get my vote when there is a threat to my very existence. Tony Abbott is a threat to my existence. I am nearly 71, healthy at this point in time, but there may come a time when I may need some help. I am quite certain that I cannot rely on Tony Abbott for that. The ALP has already proved to me that they are willing to help those who are not in a position to help themselves. Last year we has 4 floods during January, February and March and a huge crater was gouged out in my driveway. I was stranded for over a month as there was no way off my property other than by walking. I live 6 kilometres from the school bus. I called the SES after the initial drama had ended with the floods and they put me in touch with the correct authority dealing with the matter. I wrote a letter stating my case and within a week I received a phone call. A very nice man came the following week by appointment and assessed the situation. I had a torn meniscus at the time and was on crutches. He told me to get 3 quotes for the job. One was for $1,700 and he lived a few kilometres away. The next was for $3,650 and he lived ¾ of an hour away and the third was for $10, 500 and he lived in town and an hour away. This man contacted all three and came to the conclusion that the $3,650 one was the best for the job and he was quite right. I have spent various amounts on my driveway over the 34 years I have lived here. In 2007, I spent $11,100 doing up my driveway and it was the worst of all the jobs I have ever had done. This year we had 6 floods and my driveway is still in excellent condition. Going back to this department now. I posted the bill the day Adrian finished the job and I called him 3 weeks later to see if he had been paid. He told me a cheque had arrived within the week. Now going back years ago when Howard was in government I had a problem with my creek. Huge boulders had blocked my passage and I was stranded. You had to go through DoCS back then. I wrote over a hundred letters. It took 6 months for anyone to come and assess the situation. I was told to get 3 quotes and the cheapest one was chosen. I got the job done and posted the bill that day. They had to wait months before being paid. I had to be on to them every week to make sure they got paid. How ridiculous having DoCs dealing with this type of thing.

I see Julia Gillard as an efficient, capable, strong, intelligent, long suffering, politically savvy doer. She does not waffle on about unimportant things. She has the amazing ability to get legislation passed through a hostile opposition. That is a miracle in itself. To not see these attributes about her is being blind to truth. To not vote for her because she has red hair, an odd voice or wears unflattering jackets is not only quite absurd, but downright unintelligent. I should add here that I have not agreed with everything the Government has decided on, but I have not agreed with anything the LNP has proposed.

Do not be scared of a deficit. It is not possible for countries to remain in surplus at all times. When there is a crisis on, such as the GFC, two things need to happen. The economy needs to be stimulated and stimulated judiciously, but also all waste needs to be cut out. So there need to be cut backs where nothing of importance is affected. If there is no surplus to work with, then debt is acceptable. Just as you may have a credit card which you know is under control. My personal credit card went up to nearly $4,000 a few years ago. I have a limit of $15,000. But I am now under $200, so my debt was always manageable. The Government debt at the present time is manageable. The P.I.G countries in Europe are not. Most of Europe is struggling because of bad management and corruption. But refugees have played a major part in their downfall.

One of my new Followers on Twitter I discovered today is:
AKO @That__bloke
Slightly right of Far right – Political correctness is the language of the weak (or in otherwords the Greens and Lefties). Proud Caucasian Straight Male
Followed by godfrey brown and 12 others. Following: 716 • Followers: 183
Now this is going to be interesting. I wonder how he will respond to my Tweets. I am certainly not left of far Left. That would be EXTREEMIST. So what is right of far Right? Is that EXTREEMIST too?

About Me and my Political Views

Alternative Media


I would never call the ALP a Leftist government. Though I would go so far as to say they are left of Centre, which is a quite good position for the times. Slightly left of centre can promulgate legislation that the Far Right would not dream of. For myself, I proudly admit that I am further left than that. I am in the middle of left. The far left is too fanatical for my liking.

Having stated clearly where I stand politically, you may also need to know that I am a swinging voter. I vote for the Party that best serves Australia and Australians. I am not a rusted on anything. If I were totally disgusted with both the two party preferred Parties, I will then vote for the Greens, unless they are leaning too far left. I don’t go along with anything that is fanatical. That is not to say that I am a moderate, though I may be in some instances. If the Greens are not getting my vote either, then I vote for The Natural Law Party. The last time I voted for them they only got around 900 votes. When I am disgusted with everyone I vote Informal.

I would not vote Lib, even if Tony Abbott was deposed. I think Malcolm Turnbull would be a good Prime Minister, however, he would never get my vote as he came to my village and said that if he was ever elected PM, he would flood my village and my only road to town to make a dam. There is a back dirt road that goes in the opposite direction, making my journey to town ¾ hour longer. Let’s suppose he never said that and I think he would make a reasonable, if not good PM. His Team is appalling. Ok, Joe Hockey, let me pick him apart please. He has round shoulders. He slumps. He is overweight. He is jovial, (nothing too wrong with that, but he reminds me of Santa). His maths isn’t great, so I definitely do not want an eleven Treasurer. He has a very poor memory. He can be severely irrational, sarcastic and incorrect at times. He trades on the fact that whoever is interviewing him will go with the flow. Thumbs Down.

Now Julie Bishop, I remember thinking how striking she was when she first entered Parliament. A good looking woman, confident and poised, but when she’s rooting for her man and her chance at Deputy PM; she spews venom. I doubt she realises, but at this time, her face contorts into an ugly form that would frighten children in broad daylight. This I will say about her though; if she were elected into Parliament and she had good people with her, she would quite likely be a very good politician in government. Unfortunately she only has morons at her side. Thumbs Down.

Christopher Pyne the whine. This man is clearly in danger of his life at times when it’s his turn to spew forth venom at the Prime Minister or her Cabinet. You can see his face redden and veins stick out on his neck. His eyes go wild, flashing and gnashing of teeth, all for effect for the media, and the public who may watch. Honestly, I think he practices in front of the mirror.  Does he ever say anything nice? Thumbs Down

Talking of red faces. Barnaby Joyce’s face is always red. I’m sure it’s not sunburn. He is definitely an angry man, so maybe from anger or rage. Do you ever listen to anything he says? Sometimes the man does not make sense, yet reporters do not pick him up for it. They just let it go and embark on a new subject. His oratory skills are very poor and I haven’t seen any evidence of what he has done unlike most of the Independents. Thumbs Down

I’ve already said that Malcolm Turnbull would probably make a good PM. He is intelligent, well educated, knows how to run a successful business and until the last three years, always thought was reasonable. I have written to him several times and he has always replied, so thumbs up for that.

Others in the Lib Team are Eric Abetz, George Brandis and Scott Morrison I will call crocodiles, they try to devour anything that is not LNP. 3 Thumbs Down.

I’ll just say a few words about some of the Independents. I like Tony Windsor a lot. Every time he speaks he makes sense. He doesn’t let anyone boss him around. He knows what his region needs and he got most of it for them. He gives his vote to the side that is doing the right thing. And that is only after he has heard both sides in full. I think he is very fair and honest. Has a great sense of humour too. Thumbs Up for Tony.

Rob Oakshott: I have no idea what he has done for his electorate. Not even sure which it is, but I think he takes his job very seriously. I think he is also honest and fair. You can tell he thinks before he speaks, not like Abbott who says things very deliberately, but not well thought out. MSM see him as an ally of the government and treat him like shit, as they do to Tony Windsor. Thumbs Up to Rob.

Independent Senator for South Australia, Nick Xenophon, has called for an inquiry – with judicial powers – over allegations made by John Singleton involving trainer Gai Waterhouse and her bookie son Tom. Has joined calls for Federal Government to rethink its grant-based wage increase to childcare workers, labelling it “ill-conceived and unfair”. Launched The Statewide Gambling Therapy Service has worked in partnership with the Vietnamese Gambling Help Service to develop a therapy program tailored to suit people of Vietnamese background who are experiencing problems with gambling. He has campaigned strongly on Poker Machines. Unfortunately hasn’t been very successful on account of the deficit. If the country was in surplus, he would have got his way. I’m not giving him a Thumbs Up or Down at this point.

Andrew  Wilkie,  independent Federal member for Denison. He was formerly an army officer and then intelligence analyst. In 2003 Wilkie resigned from his position in the Office of National Assessments, an Australian intelligence agency, over concerns that intelligence was being exaggerated for political purposes in making the case for Australia’s contribution to the 2003 invasion of Iraq under the Howard government. [1] Since then he has been active in Australian politics. He was a Greens candidate for both the federal Division of Bennelong in the 2004 federal election and for the Senate in Tasmania at the 2007 federal election. In 2010 he ran as an independent candidate for the state seat of Denison at the Tasmanian state election, narrowly missing out on the final vacancy. Later in the year, again as an independent candidate, he ran for the federal seat of Denison at the federal election and won. He finished third on first preferences but was able to win the seat after the distribution of preferences[2] Wikipedia. I’ll give him a Thumbs Up for blowing the Whistle, but not sure about his political aspirations being achieved.

Bob Katter. Ha ha, honestly, he is always good for a laugh, but I have heard him say some sensible things. The trouble is he is quite ridiculous at times and people tune out to him because they assume he is all BS. His voice is somewhat irritating, but you have to give him credit for getting to where he has. As  for serving his electorate, yes I think he is doing that, and as an Independent, that’s all that matters. Robert Carl Katter (born 22 May 1945) is an Australian federal politician, a member of the Australian House of Representatives since March 1993 for the Division of Kennedy, and the leader of Katter’s Australian Party. He began his parliamentary career as a member of the National Party of Australia, but left the party in 2001 and continues to hold the seat as an independent. On 3 June 2011 Katter applied for registration of Katter’s Australian Party with the Australian Electoral Commission.[2] Katter will sit as the only federal parliamentary member of his new party when it is formally registered. Prior to his election to federal politics, Katter was a member of the Legislative Assembly of Queensland, from 1974 to 1992, representing the seat of Flinders, Queensland for the National Party. Katter was a Minister in the Sir Joh Bjelke-Petersen-led National Party government, holding various portfolios between 1983 and 1989.[3] Wikipedia

The ALP did not get my vote at the last election. I was furious that Kevin Rudd didn’t get to finish his term. Was saddened that he was humiliated, but did not think he was a good Prime Minister. He appeared to be efficient, work, work, work, but what was he achieving? The gaff he made in China as Foreign Minister really put the nail in the coffin for me. Considering he has heart problems, I think he should retire or go into State Politics. Thumbs Down.

Julia Gillard has really earned my respect, not only as a person, a woman, but also as Prime Minister. She has poise, is dignified, courteous and genuine. She is capable of answering questions directly and completely. She is not opposed to putting people in place when they are out of line. I think she is doing a great job under very difficult circumstances. The morons out there who defile her and denigrate her apparently do not understand the workings of a Hung Parliament. They are either very stupid or very rich. The very rich do understand, but ignore it as a factor.

The PM has never lied to my knowledge. When she said that there would never be a Carbon Tax under her Prime Ministership, she said it assuming she would be Prime Minister in her own right. Perhaps in hindsight she could have said, “If I have to form government with a Coalition or with Independents or both, I may be forced to bring in a Carbon Tax”. Shall we all blame her for not saying that? Please remember that you cannot break a promise if you have not used the word ‘promise’. A lie is something you know to be not true when you say it. A lie sets out to deceive. No one in the right mind, ha ha ha ha, (yeah right-wing minds do) could say that Julia Gillard set out to deceive. What would be her point? Only the very ignorant think that Julia Gillard has lied. They are wrong, just like they are about so many other things. Eleana

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