The Tallest Poppy in the Land has Fallen

Good people get crucified. I’m not a Christian, but isn’t that what they did to Jesus?

The Super Moon has been a very destructive force in my area. It caused King tides and parts of the Gold Coast shore line has been decimated. A friend/acquaintance threatened suicide and a strong woman with good polices was replaced by a weak and difficult man whose policies at this point are an unknown. I see things getting much worse. Very difficult to see anything to be optimistic in this situation and the near future.

Yesterday I went to Robina with my daughter. We hadn’t been there for about a year and we had such a great time. The end of financial year sales were on and my daughter and I never pay full price for anything. We can only afford to shop when sales are on and did we get some great bargains. The drive up taking 2 hours was filled with laughter, my daughter played music on her iPhone from time to time as my car radio decided not to work as of last week. Thank you universe for a broken radio, because if I had known what was happening I would have been tuned in at every possible minute.

When we arrived back to my shopping town and were both at the supermarket a complete stranger came up to us and asked us if we knew what was going on about the leadership spill. I started off by saying, “Oh but that goes on every day, it’s just media hype.” But she insisted it was on in all earnest. I hurried with my shopping, dropped my daughter home and drove as fast as I could to my house, ran to the radio and Wahid Ali was on. At that time there was no outcome and I felt assured that the ALP was not full of foolish people and that Julia Gillard would have the numbers as she had every other time.

My daughter is not the slightest bit interested in politics; she is 28 years old. She has even asked me not to talk to her about it at any great length, as the politicians I mention, she doesn’t know. However when the result was announced, the phone rang and my daughter said, “it’s true, Kevin F**king Rudd is now PM.” I immediately corrected her and said, “no he is not. He is only the leader of the ALP. He has not been sworn in by the Governor General.”

I was too angry to keep talking to my daughter and said good bye and continued to both listen to the radio and ABC TV. My thoughts at the time were that that Quentin Bryce could not swear in Kevin Rudd unless there was ‘no confidence’ in the leadership of the ALP. How could there be no confidence in someone who has been the best PM this country has ever had? Could the Governor General allow the PM to be overthrown by someone who was NOT as competent as Julia Gillard? I don’t think so. Could she swear in Kevin Rudd based on the Polls alone, which in my opinion are rigged to some extent? Could she terminate the PM’s position, based on Main Stream Media’s agenda of wanting Abbot as their puppet? Or doesn’t she know about this? What does the Governor General do all day on an ordinary day? Is she reading all the papers? Is she reading NewsLtd and Fairfax, namely The Age? What articles does she read? Who also informs her of what is going on and who are they and what information do the convey to her each and every day? If in fact it is every day, or just special occasions. Who or what is influencing the Governor General?

This is my view on the situation at hand. The Prime Minister Julia Gillard has conducted herself in a dignified and constitutionally correct manner in the position of PM. There are NO legitimate grounds to terminate the PM’s position. Therefore she must refuse to swear in Rudd based on no evidence of wrong doing or constitutional error. No grounds for termination.

Even though I have had the radio on almost all day, only now at 2:00 PM Thursday 27th June 2013 have I found out from my Guardian email subscription that Kevin Rudd has in fact been sworn in last night evidently after I went to bed exhausted.

I usually wake up at 6:30 AM and turn on the radio to RN with Fran Kelly and I don’t get up until 9:00 AM, unless I am going out early. This morning I stayed in bed for Life Matters which I have listened to since its inception. The first half covered the spill and I noticed that the presenter cut everyone off before they had finished speaking and everyone was sad and upset that Julia Gillard had gone. My guess is that if someone had been anti PM Gillard, they would have been able to finish. Just the impression I got.
ABC with Leigh Sales: If she worked for me I would have sacked her long ago, especially after her last interview with the PM. Last night she snickered at inappropriate places, expectant of 5 year olds. Suddenly she has a different tune she is singing. Almost coming to Julia Gillard’s defence. Once her bait noir, now she is asking the hard questions, but to a fellow journalist no less, (ash credibility) Annabelle Crabb, did you notice MSM lovers, she said that MSM has to get stories that lead and they HAVE to dramatize EVERYthing to get their work published or keep their jobs. That’s what we (the alternative media) have been saying all along. They have been very unfair to Julia Gillard and printed falsehoods for which the moron public sucked up. Gullible!
My last blog was titled: This is my Election Plan, this is now obsolete. I do NOT plan to do ANY of the things I was prepared to do. I will NOT vote for Kevin Rudd. I will NOT be voting ALP and I will NOT be voting for any other Party and that includes the Greens. What I WILL do is vote informal, taking with me a black thick texta and I will put Julia Gillard above the line with a square next to her name and will put a 1 in that square. I will go to the booth at opening time and I will stand in the room with my ballot paper showing it as a placard to every person entering and I will still be there at 6 PM. I will not let this go without my views being known to other voters. That is how I will do it. Now my 2 daughters will not vote ALP either and already 16 of my friends say they won’t vote for Rudd. So what he gains he may well lose, maybe more. This is the biggest mistake ever made in politics. IMHO. This is a dark day in Australian history and now just watch this country go downhill from this day on whoever wins the next election.

Now I put this out on Twitter last night and a few criticised me for it. They said that we must NOT let Abbott win, so we must still vote ALP. Well in my opinion there are two issues here. One, I will not reward a weak and disruptive man whom Caucus said they couldn’t and secondly there isn’t a great deal of difference between Kevin Rudd and Tony Abbott, both are staunch Catholics and I am concerned now about the Royal Commission into child abuse in the Catholic Church. Abbott may not last the distance anyway and even if Malcolm Turnbull replaced Abbott, he has no one of substance to work with. The shadow front bench is a pathetic bunch of morons with a shadow Treasurer who can’t do simple math and a vicious deputy with a mean streak. The others aren’t worth describing because they never say anything of substance.

I still feel that Kevin Rudd should have been allowed to complete his term as PM in the first place. He was an elected leader. First mistake. But doing the same thing as punishment to Julia Gillard doesn’t make things right. It’s ALL wrong. Disgusted.

Lastly, I will be writing to Julia Gillard to ask her to consider forming a new party The New Progressive Party, NPP or other name. She will have 6 good people with her and I’m sure those that switched their allegiance at the last moment would join, such as penny Wong. Then Rudd would have to form a Coalition with Julia’s party ha ha ha ha. That’s the only thing that has made me laugh today. But I mean it. This is the only logical solution. I think Julia Gillard would do very well and I would give her every bit of help that I could muster. Let Light prevail.


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