Open Complaint to ABC

I have been appalled over the past 3 years to see the ABC deteriorate to the point of exasperation. Emma Alberici is the only political journalist I trust and is basically fair. All the others and I include here Tony Jones, Leigh Sales, The Drum, Fran Kelly, Alison Carabine, Sarbra Lane and Marius Benson and others. The latter are all biased towards the LNP and Tony Abbott, it is sickening. I am wondering if anyone reads the Twitter trends, # or even @abc; because in my Twitter feed 80% of my feed is appalled by your shoddy reporting, misleading statements and the on and on leadership spill that has been going on now for 3 years. Give it a rest for God’s sake. Even the morons are sick of it. Boring, boring, boring. We all know what you are up to, decent people that is. The morons haven’t a clue. They suck up your vile rubbish, reporting constantly of insults directed towards the Prime Minister, harping on and on about them. Never addressing her with respect. Constantly interviewing LNP MP’s with regard the ALP issues. How ridiculous is that? Why would they know? You never interview an ALP MP about LNP issues. Why not? Your bias is beyond pathetic, as the Alternative to MSM is constantly pointing out. You should read our blogs some time.

We, the concerned citizens of Australia and decent people of this land will not stand for newspaper trash dictating to our country which government should be in power. DO YOU UNDERSTAND? We will not stand for an alien, Rupert Murdoch spinning lies, distorting truth and misinformation and then the ABC dutifully spreads it further. My God! What is this? Are you all mad at the ABC? Not Kerry O’Brien, he is a champion. Take a leaf out of his book. He is always fair. I may not always agree with him, but I have never heard him denigrate the PM, or be biased on any account. And now as of this morning you are backing up Fairfax, as you do, on that shameful, The Age article or editorial I should say. How dare they. YOU should be saying just that! “How dare they”, not reporting it as if it is the most logical thing to do. Good grief, have you all lost your marbles? Is this sort of thing coming from Newman and Scott? Is this their directive? Are you compelled by instruction or order to propagate the madness, to report and magnify the vilifications towards the PM and to perpetuate the leadership spill EVERY single day? It is not only boring as all hell, it is beyond stupid in the eyes of intelligent decent people. Do you know how absurd you all look? Leigh Sales is getting a very mean expression these days as she gloats on her achievements on making our beautiful Prime Minister squirm. How wrongly she is behaving lately. She used to be good, now she is a ‘has been’. She was good back when she won the Walkley Award, but now she is sinister, mean and conniving to garner an effect. She has lost the plot and has let the award go to her head, which has swollen to football field proportions. She comes across as unsmiling and “I’m going to ‘get’ you any way I can even if I have to talk over you, contradict you or shout at you”. Just like she did with Craig Emmerson on Thursday night. It was a disgrace and IF you had checked the Twitter feeds for #Lateline you would have seen the myriad of complaints and reprimands. Disgraceful and I hope management gave her a ticking off.

Things are going from bad to worse and if you are all not more careful from now on We The People of Australia may very well charge you with committing a crime against the government and Julia Gillard. I’d be very careful in the manner in which you report from now on. People want news, they do not want Rupert Murdoch, nor Gina Rinehart’s parrots at the ABC. Otherwise people are going to ask if Rupert Murdoch is doing something underhand at the ABC and that goes for Fairfax as well. It is a well known fact between intelligent, decent people that Rupert Murdoch considers Abbott as his puppet. He, (Abbott) can do his best work for Murdoch in the Lodge! Der, we all know it. The morons don’t of course. They believe you, but don’t you see the damage you are doing to Australia? Have you spent a second thinking about the consequence of an Abbott government? Why can’t you people at the ABC news broadcasting on political affairs see that not asking Abbott any hard question on HIS policies is downright deceitful. How BAD do you think you look in the eyes of decent people? Very, very bad. If you haven’t broken the law, then the law should be reformed. And as for Rupert Murdoch, he should be in jail. His business are scandalous, yet you let him be King Pin here in Australia, not even his country any more. He is in his dearly beloved US, Australia abandoned, yet you are all sucking up to him. WHY?


7 thoughts on “Open Complaint to ABC

  1. Unfortunately, none of them gives a toss except maybe Alberici & O’Brien.

    They should be investigating Ashbygate & the witch hunts against Craig Thomson & Peter Slipper.

    And Liealot’s defence of pedophile activity in the Catholic Church.

    • Hello Jane, yes I totally agree with you, but as they are in league with the Opposition who do NOT want these matters addressed or reported on, it’s not going to happen, unless we shamed them into it. That is what I am trying to do.

      Unfortunately I am not well known and I haven’t even been on Twitter one year yet. At the present time, I’m a ‘nobody’, so the media is not taking any notice. I wrote to the ABC last week as well and still no answer.

  2. This is telling it exactly how it is Jane..Just love your straightforward language with no punches pulled..You are correct of course in everything you state.What amazes me but is why did not the labor Party reform the ABC. after the shamefully disgraceful stacking by the lying rodent Howard.It should have been the first thing when they took over govt..The attack on freespeech and th e imbalance shown by the current right wing Molesv in the ABC. proves the point that I was advocating 3 years ago.

  3. Thanks for this article, I agree 100% this rubbish has gone on for three years to undermine the current government, , This government under Julia has been one of the most progressive governments with a real vision for the future looking out for the important things in life like the NDIS, NBN, Education. Why on earth would Australians want to poop in their own nest.?

    • The problem is with Murdoch in the main. He has to be stopped, but he is rich and powerful. He wants Abbott in the Lodge for his own benefit, so does Gina and she influences Fairfax.

  4. Thanks very much Eleana for your email. We appreciate your feedback and we will certainly pass your comments onto the Lateline producers.

    We hope you continue to watch and enjoy Lateline.


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