ABC RN Life Matters May 31st 2013 My Comment

I posted this comment on Life Matters, however it was moderated and not posted. They have done this before and at other times they have edited my work. The time they edited it they told me it was sexually explicit, which it was not. That program was about sex, but apparently you can’t comment on it.

The topic that got me banned/blocked was Can You Honestly Say You are not Racist? And it was all about Adam Goodes complete with photo.

I didn’t think that what the girl said was necessarily racist. If I were to call Tony Abbott an ape, would that be racist given that I am white? I think a racist remark must be specific to the race. If the word boong (don’t know if I spelled it right as I have never used the word), but I believe that is specific to Aborigines. A race must not be blamed for the behaviour of one person or a small group of people, no matter how bad that group is. I don’t think one should ever use a word that is not applicable to humans, such as ape, cow, dog or rat. I think ‘fool’ is acceptable as long as it is not used when talking to children.

Personally I love the differences of other races. I am widely travelled and love most going to countries where the culture is totally different from my own. I have friends of all races including Aborigine. I like people who are friendly and honest regardless of what race they are. Also I may dislike people who behave in an antisocial manner, who are not honest or who personally treat me poorly or unfairly; and that also will be regardless of race.

One caller said he was terrified of being called a racist when he calls out at a footy match, “you useless bastard.” Well my advice to him is, if he is so terrified then don’t shout out at all.

So much attention has been placed on this one incident, yet our Prime Minister has had a sandwich thrown at her and that’s evidently fine. Did she make a huge fuss about it. Would it have been racist if the boy was not white? And did the PM seem offended? Her remark was that she thought the boy must have thought she was hungry. How good natured is that. I have been discriminated against my gender. It’s annoying, but I don’t make a huge issue of it. If someone called me an ape I’d reply, “talking about yourself are you?” and laugh.

And one last point and very important to me, I take exception to Andrew Jakubowicz’s words when he said, “when the Liberals and the Coalition come to power at the end of the year.” How dare he! He obviously listens to too much ABC24, Rupert Murdock and Fairfax. He has said this as if the Governor General had deposed Julia Gillard and the ALP and was installing the LNP at the end of the year. There will be an election in September and after that we will know who will lead this country and God help us if it is Tony Abbott. This may be off topic, but it is in response to your guest’s throw away remark which I take umbrage over.

This was a post that was not moderated. Which do you think is the most insensitive? What do you think it was about my comment that got the whole of it moderated? And guess what? It appears that I am unable to comment at all now as the comment box has gone BLACK.

Julia Hughes :
31 May 2013 9:31:56am
Hi Natasha, I actually thought the comment was more about what Adam Goodes looked like, we are always saying in our family that he looks Neanderthal. Maybe because I wasn’t born in Australia, but I didn’t realise that ape was a racist term. Thanks. Good conversation.

I should also mention that Geraldine Dougue said the word Fuck on radio this morning. It seems some people can get away with anything and others like me can’t get away with very much at all.


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