Why we can’t say ‘good bye’ to MSM

Why we can’t say ‘good bye’ to MSM

The problem lies here in. We still read and watch MSM, carefully chosen for the subject matter of course, to keep up with what diabolical story they are making up next. We, the sane and intelligent people then need to refute that nonsense. Otherwise who else will? Parts of MSM seem to be believable, such as 4 Corners on ABC. Watching it right now and so far it has been in formation only, which I appreciate. Very informative and freaking me out about cyber warfare. Very disturbing and I believe it all, yet on other ABC programs, the journalist is often biased towards someone I consider to be a liar, feels superior to women, no polices worth anything of value and they will not be ALP MP’s.
QandA is on now. Gay bishop, Gene Robinson is saying that Jesus may have been gay. Well this episode is at least entertainment. IPA is funded by? Possibly Big Tobacco. And contradicting themselves…. Atheist made a good point. Conversation about sodomy. Diverse opinions. Woah, Fred Nile has been challenged, but was not addressed properly. Atheist professor Lawrence Krauss is saying that Islam is as ridiculous as Christianity. Amanda Vanstone says we must all make friends with Muslims and Africans and go out to dinner with them. Fred Nile said “love your enemy”. How can one possibly love an enemy? If you love them, then they will at least be a friend. Once you know that you love someone, it is impossible for them to be an enemy. Lawrence should have said his conscience. This episode has been weird. I’m a Gnostic teacher and all this is nonsense. Susan Ryan seems lost and out of her depth. The mistake from Gnostic knowledge, is about Fred Nile’s concept of God and is that he thinks the Creator God of all that is, is one and the same god as is depicted in the Christian Bible. The god of the bible if even exists, is a very lesser god of which there are millions. No one can have a relationship with God. And also not possible to have a relationship with the Christian god, or any god for that matter. And you cannot love someone you do not know and never met. When a person thinks that god has spoken to them, it can only be vivid imagination or hallucination. Euthanasia. I have a solution for that. Costs nothing and very easy to do. And legal.

@abciview Q&A : Lawrence Krauss, Gene Robinson, Fred Nile, Amanda Vanstone & Susan Ryan http://www.abc.net.au/iview/#/view/39343

I like to listen to politicians talking and that I can do watching any of the MSM TV news broadcasts. Then I check how other MSM have interpreted it. More often than not they have twisted, misrepresented and invented a new pseudo truth. Now this is what happens when MSM interviews an ALP MP. However when interviewing an LNP MP they behave in a completely different way. When an LNP MP spews forth a nonsense, they praise it like it’s a miracle or some profound utterance. Rupert Murdock’s News LTD venerates the leader of the Opposition and all other LNP MP’s. Now they are so transparent as in that anyone with a brain can know that an intelligent man (Rupert Murdock) will only do something like this for ulterior purposes. Therefore if it is for ulterior motives, there must be an opposite that is closer to the truth. Anyone who uses their mind mindfully will realise there is only one point to reading MSM and that is to refute it either on Twitter or Facebook, or like me and blog about it. Anyway, I do believe Rupert Murdock is clinging to straws. He has a stinking reputation, so his influence surely can’t last much longer.

Cardinal George Pell to give evidence at Child Abuse Inquiry
The Victorian premier, Dr Denis Napthine, has called on George Pell to be open and honest with the public about the church’s handling of child sexual abuse. Why would an arch bishop need to be told this? Surely if he is worth his weight in salt, he will know that he HAS to be open and honest. Well I watched part of the inquiry and in my opinion he was unempathetic towards victims and has an ice cold heart. His apology and sympathies were acted and rehearsed. He is not a man of integrity or valour. He is guilty of unlawful privilege, meaning he got away with all cover-ups though his position. But a crime is a crime, no matter if the Pope, Queen or Prime Minister commits it.

Every single time I listen to the news on ABC24 I am infuriated about something. For instance it is very annoying to hear a reporter saying that the dollar is struggling to gain ground when it is already above parity. We do NOT want the dollar to be above parity, so anyone with a brain should know that parity or a bit below is the very best place for our dollar AUD. Anyone who uses the word ‘struggle’ here is ignorant and making a big deal out of nothing. If the dollar hadf kept below parity for the past year Ford may not have closed down in Australia.

Did anyone hear the venom spewed forth from Julie Bishops mouth in Parliament this afternoon? She went on and on. I have come to the conclusion that all LNP MP’s have got together and made a list of vitriolic words that they must use whenever addressing parliament or the press. Because the same wording gets recycled over and over. Let’s see, shambolic government, diabolical mess, incompetent, nothing achieved over past 5 years, liar, broken promises, even when no promise was ever made. All are blatant untruths.

Here’s a link to another perspective on MSM:
A must read: The case for keeping Julia http://citynews.com.au/2013/the-case-for-keeping-julia/

And a different view again and one I agree with for the most part:
Get Apocalyptic: Why Radical is the New Normal by Robert Jensen — YES! Magazine


7 thoughts on “Why we can’t say ‘good bye’ to MSM

  1. You both said everything I’m thinking..the MSM has gone to hell..including our so called ABC..more like the Abbott Broadcasting Corporation. Trioli is a bitter disappointment, hurling her abusive opinions across Labor ministers, interrupting with LNP accusations which to a sane person are known to be blatant lies. Sales is bitchy, emotional and rude when interviewing Labor minsters..Chris Uhlmann the ABC’s Today Tonight fear monger was a vile swine to our PM when he interviewed her. Meanwhile the man who rules our media is facing 600 more phone hacking charges in the UK but nothing is said about that in Australian MSM..I found it on line from the UK Global Mail. But I awoke this morning to our ABC running the story about Murdoch’s fall guys..no mention of his own 600 hacking charges, good at shifting blame old Rupert. ‘sigh’ People seem to be in a Murdoch coma..I could go on but I’m just so over trying to explain to the victims how they are being conned by the most disgusting billionaire on the planet! Love your views Eleana – will share when I get my FB page back, after Bernardi trolls mass spam reported my posts on the Aust Labor FB page. .and had me banned. This is the extent to what the nasty LNP will go to in order to fraudulently steal The Lodge.,,they will LIE, cheat and misinform with the help of our grubby media to destroy workers rights, demolish all of Labor’s great nation building reforms and hand Australia over to Gina Rinehart and Rupert Murdoch to abuse our Democratic rights for the profit of the rich, the right calibre types… Australia..wake the f#ck up. .

  2. Thank you mischmash1 for your support. I had given writing any more blogs a rest as no one comments on my posts and very few even read them, so seemed like a waste of my time.

    I am so disheartened by the general public and their opinion of Julia Gillard and the ALP that I feel like I am standing in front of a tsunami. It’s a tsunami of rubbish from MSM and worst of all from the ABC which I once loved. ABC RN Life Matter have blocked me from commenting and moderated my last comment wich was mild. I wrote a blog about that, but no one read it.

    I read other blogs that say similar things to mine and some get over a hundred comments. I feel like my blog has a barrier that I don’t know about, so thank you, I may keep writing. Just one comment gives me heaps of encouragement.

    • Hi eleanawi..I know exactly how you feel..some days I have to have a total break from all the nastiness in politics on the other side..then I see something on the idiot box that gets me fired up to post again. I have been banned from the PM’s page by LNP trolls mass spam reporting me…just because they saw me as a threat to their troll superiority on Julia’s page..the admin there are useless. I’ve been posting on the Australian Labor page for a few days..still looking at Julia’s page, where the positive comments are definitely getting stronger so don’t give up yet girl! Look at this..happened tonight..the gutless weasel snuck in the back entrance..Enjoy..I will keep reading you and staying in touch. I like what you say – https://fbcdn-sphotos-d-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-prn1/397442_168601629982869_88898394_n.jpg

    • Heartening. I’m going to attempt a blog now while it’s still early. I usually write after everyone has gone to bed, like at 2:00 AM. Honestly, yesterday I was so fed up. And a guy called Steven on Independant Australia, obviously a LNP troll, but said that he was not, got me so riled, and worse was knowing he represents a huge chunk of the Australian population. I so badly wanted to do something else. I started doing some dressmaking. I missed the Channel Ten 5 PM news. but turned on 730. I’m annoyed with myself in some respects, that I couldn’t go one night and do something else. I could have made a date with some hot young guy, lol. That would stop me, lol. AND as usual as of late. again twice now in one day, I am again riled with Leigh Sales. I wonder if enough people were to write to the Board, if it would make a difference. I’ll read your blog now, I guess it’s in the email. Bye

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