Paedophiles and the Catholic Church

Paedophiles and the Catholic Church

I write about subjects that I want people to think about. I am not a facts and figures person. It doesn’t matter to me if 3,647 people were raped by priests, Cardinal, Bishops and the like or that it is 4,238 people raped. What matters is that many children were raped or molested. That every child has a voice and that every perpetrator is found guilty and suffers as much as they have caused the suffering of others. This will never happen because the children never had a voice and only now as adults are they coming forward, often at the encouragement of wives and friends. The perpetrators are now mostly old men, so no amount of punitive action will compensate. If such a thing had happened to a child of mine, I’d gladly string the perpetrator up by his penis and scrotum; similar to what they did to Mussolini. Harsh? I don’t think so. But I wouldn’t kill him.

I don’t only have the Catholic Church in my sights, but it is the Catholic Church that makes me feel the sickest because they have known right from the top what was going on and priests were merely moved to another diocese to perpetrate again and again. The child got nothing or a rebuke. It is beyond my understanding that anyone can have any faith in this religion. Sure there are some priests doing some good things, but you don’t have to be a priest to do good things. Anyone can help people in need. If you want to believe in Jesus, you can without being a Catholic. If you want to pray, you can without being a Catholic. Anyone can pray and if you believe it is doing some good, then keep on praying. I pray myself, just not to the god of Israel. I’m Australian, why would I pray to the god of Israel? Why would anyone pray to the god of Israel, other than the Jews? But many Christians hate Jews. Why is that? Why bother to be Christian and hate anyone? There is no one in the world that I hate. I dislike some people. I dislike George B*sh. I dislike Islamic Fundamentalists. I dislike people who torture people and animals. I dislike liars and of course I dislike paedophiles. But Christians actually kill people they hate, without even knowing the person personally. This is a very difficult thing to understand for a peace loving non-Christian. The Catholics kill Protestants in Ireland. You may well point out that Protestants also kill Catholics. Anyone but me think this is very weird when both are Christians? Both read from the same bible, worship the god of Israel and both are supposed to follow the Ten Commandments; one of which is: Thou Shalt NOT kill. Not, Thou Shall Kill thy enemy.

The Pope, Cardinals, Bishops and priests set themselves as superior to their followers and congregation. They behave piously in the church building, sanctimoniously preaching nonsense that no one can contradict in their pews. They tell their congregation how they must behave, as if they can’t work this out for themselves. From time to time I attend a church service just to see if things have changed. But sadly they have not. I went to the Anglican church (Cathedral) in Sydney last and the sermon the Arch Bishop gave was about as stupid as anything I have ever heard. He said that ALL fathers are bad fathers. He repeated this several times, I think it was 8 times in all. Was he judging all fathers on his own fathering skills? He doesn’t know all fathers, how absurd. I wrote to him challenging him on his sermon. I asked him if he had met every father in the world, or even in Sydney. I asked him how he could judge every father without knowing them personally. Did I receive a reply. NO!

No, because he had been called out on his stupidity and false assumptions. He didn’t have the guts to reply and I only wish I had had the guts to stand up in front of the congregation and say my piece. I told my daughter that I was going to stand up and interrupt him, but she begged me not to. I wish I had asked her to wait outside and gone ahead anyway. Why do these miserable women need to be told that their husbands are bad fathers? How did the fathers in the congregation feel being told they are bad fathers, without any proof or justification? But I bet all those good fathers were back in church the very next Sunday like robots. I found a congregation who can’t think for themselves, who sit there praying trite prayers, singing the same old hymns and I wonder if they ever think that their god of Israel ever gets sick of hearing the same old prayers and hymns week after week, month after month, year after year, decade after decade and millennia after millennia. Or don’t they think past the mundane?

Every time I go to a church service, regardless of the denomination, I am shocked at the level of ignorance. I am shocked at the amount of money spent on maintenance of the church and of the clergy; the little they have to do to earn their keep and the criticism of their congregation. When does a priest ever say, “well done so and so, you have been a great mother, or a great humanitarian?” When has a priest ever recognised a woman to be his superior? When will the Roman Catholic Church ever recognise women as wise women, wiser than they? How can women go on century after century, right into the 21st century, perpetuating a patriarchal society and the myth that men are superior to women? Things need to change and the best way would be for the church to fall over, disintegrate and self-combust. IMHO.


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