The Tony Abbott I have got to know.

The Tony Abbott I have got to know.

Let me say here that I detest Speedos anywhere but the Olympic Swimming pool. To see him parading around in red budgie smugglers is somewhat revolting. I far prefer nudity to micro swimmers covering a micro part.

Tony Abbott reminds me of a goanna, just like Kerry Packer. I see a similarity to Kerry, though I never saw Kerry in Speedos. Cartoonists love to make fun of and exaggerate Julia Gillard’s nose. Well they should have a field day with Abbott’s ears. He comes across as a bully, acting strong, but in fact weak. I know he was once a pugilist, so I don’t mean physically weak. He enters in marathons after all. He is weak on substance. His total lack of policies other than PPL and his disregard for all the wonderful things Labor has done over the past 3 years. His recalcitrant behaviour during the time that Labor nearly caught up to him in the polls was disturbing to say the least.

It beggars belief that MSM and the vocal Shock Jocks all say that Julia Gillard lied, J U L I A R placards and such, yet Tony Abbott is a self-proclaimed liar. So evidently it is fine to lie, if you say that you are lying, but not fine if you do not lie at all. That is basically what MSM says by default

Tony Abbott nearly became a priest. It makes you wonder just what they let into the Catholic Church. He is not a person of exemplary behaviour. But then neither are the paedophile priests. So there you have it. He may have grown up since his university days, however the bully is still in him. His rage is hardly contained as in his nodding episode. He has no care as to be doing good for the country as a whole. Everything he does and says is self-serving. He so badly wants to be in the Lodge he is willing to sell his arse for it. Now I wonder what went on at home the night that remark hit the airwaves and print. Or maybe Margie doesn’t read the papers or listen to the news. Can you imagine what it would be like married to that man. My goodness he’d need to be a lot different at home than he is on TV. I also can’t stand the way he walks like he has a huge pad between his legs. Some call it a swagger. Also dislike the ahs constantly. Sometimes 3 or 4 in one sentence.

It’s unfortunate that politics is about personalities and character. After all you do not want to elect someone of bad character to lead your country. People of bad character will no doubt have bad policies and that is what politics is all about. A person of good character will most likely have good policies and this Prime Minister has had many good policies. It is an amazing feat that she got anything passed at all when the Opposition said “no” to almost everything. My God, I have so much admiration for Julia Gillard, shouldering all those insults and just getting on with governing.

I hear people and MSM say all the time that Labor and Julia Gillard have not sold this or that well. And I say, well you only think that because you are tuned into the wrong stations. I hear Julia Gillard explaining things time and again, but still the morons don’t get it. They are not listening!


2 thoughts on “The Tony Abbott I have got to know.

  1. I’m a lifelong Labor supporter, despite being conservative farmer’s daughter. I even went to uni in my thirties & did a degree in politics to work for Labor but only lasted a few years working for ministers before realising no party has the right to the moral high ground. I’ve met the PM a few times through a mutual friend, have nothing against her personally, and am a mohair-armpitted old feminist, so I was ecstatic when she made PM despite the distasteful way it happened. But I have grown to detest politics so much, I too turn off, mentally or physically, as soon as I see or hear one of them. I’m not listening anymore and I started my political activism back in 1970 at the age of 14. It’s their own damned fault, and ours for allowing the media to colour and even set the agenda. It’s only possible in the dumbing down of society we have allowed to happen. Mea culpa. Tua culpa. Nostra culpa. And no, I’m an atheist.

    • I certainly understand how you feel, however an LNP government would be a whole lot worse than the present one. I will do everything I can to make sure it never happens.

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